Wlavideon Review (Free earning site) is it legit?

Wlavideon.host Review | Free Earning website 2020

 Wlavideon.host Review | Free Earning website 2020

Wlavideon.host Review | Wlavideon Registration | is Wlavideon legit | is Wlavideon scam | Free paying website 2020

A great day as Topgistextra is seeing you once again after couple of days of writing a review concerning Nairalite which is believe you must have read and you are guided before making a move concerning the platfom.

Today, I bring to you another wonderful income program review which I believe must be your interest because that could be the main reason you found yourself in this blog.

It is true we can not stop chasing money since most of us are at home due to the current pandemic, coronavirus which has and is still affecting the global world.

Nevertheless, you will be guided either you have come across Wlavideon.host website or you are yet to so you won’t make a big mistake in life.


Disclaimer; Topgistextra.com is not being paid to write a review about Wlavideon.host or trying to tarnish the image of this company/website.

I am only writing to educate people who wants to invest or join any platform, a general view of what Topgistextra has seen about the platform.

Please, bear with Topgistextra if you found this article annoying. Thanks. May we now continue?

Okay, yesterday being 26th June, 2020, I saw this link and I questioned the person who sent it. I was assured that it is a good free earning website that pays.

I no time, I decided to join the platform. I registered and started gathering some free earnings oooo

So, I will tell you everything I encountered about also what I have been able to gather online about Wlavideon.host. so, this will bring us to Wlavideon.host review or Wlavideon Review.

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Wlavideon Review | About Wlavideon.host

Wlavideon.host is a free earning website that pays it users for viewing videos and adverts.

This means that the platform promises to pay every registered users a token for viewing adverts shown.

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According to my discovery, I discovered that the platform is more like a YouTube but different from YouTube since YouTube do not pay viewers for watching videos.

I didn’t see Much information about the owner of the website, where the website is located or how they realize the pay they are giving to their user’s, but of a truth, the pay per video viewed is really high and I just wish it is a legit platform.

Serious Message | vital information for you and me

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. For the Lord shall come like a thief in the night where no one knows. At this conjunction, we can not say they have not sinned.

Listen to this please “for all have sinned and come sort of the glory of God. You don hear that one abi?

Oya, repent today and be saved.

The only information I saw on the platform is the one down right now. Check below

What is the essence of the work?

They claim they offer people to view prepaid promotional videos of various world Advertisers and get paid for doing so

Also, they claim that their advertisers are mostly producers of household appliances, leading retailers and top video bloggers.

And also, their system only yields high and high quality videos which are selected and tried by their experts.

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How much can I earn?

The platform says the cost of one minute of a promoted video is half a dollar.

This means in an hour, one can earn more than $30 by just watching an advert.
Working for like 3hours on the platform means you are likely to earn $90 and. So, approximately, one can earn 2700 dollars in a month.

This is also one of the statement you will see on their platform

“According to the results of conducted surveys, the site wlavideon.host is currently the leading system among other systems of paid video viewing. You can see it for yourself!
Top earnings for the previous day “

How can I withdraw money?

The platform also assures their user’s that at the request for payment, money will be withdrawn from the system in a space of an hour during working  hours, or 3 to 4 hours during non working hours.

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So, they have provided several payment methods so that Wlavideon.host users can easily cash out when due.

The payment method available in Wlavideon.host are;

  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • And some other methods available on the website.

Can I invite friends and/or relatives?

About referring, the platform is saying you shouldn’t think of withdraw or getting your earned money without referring people. They claim the person you bring will bring you additional profit. But what if you don’t need their additional profit?

You can find a link to attract referrals in your personal account.
Share this link in social networks, on forums, through messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram), via SMS, and e-mail.

From the two sentence, the website Wlavideon.host is actually looking for more traffic.. More views to their blog and to make that come to pass, you have to share to People so those people we share to another.

Wlavideon.host registration

Wlavideon.host registration is just like other website, but they have low security. There is no email verification. One can register multiple account.

Wlavideon.host registration process goes by you filling a given form such as your username and your email.

Wlavideon.host login

To login to Wlavideon is very simple. Just go Wlavideon.host and input your Registered details and then you will be logged in to Wlavideon.host where you can view your dashboard and starting viewing video adverts.

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Is Wlavideon.host legit?

By asking “is Wlavideon.host legit, you reminds of a proven way to take precaution of website or platform before buying products or devices with them. Check them out below.

Before you buy something or register in a website. Always look out for the following;

1. Look properly to see that the site has “contact us” web page.

2. Do away with online shops or websites that uses free email provider or email registration without verification.

3. Check if the site has some information about it’s company (Address, history, name, country)

4. Also look out for “about us” or who the company is (are)

5. Analyze the Domain WHOIs Data information to discover information about the site owner.

6. Make sure you try as much as possible to figure out if they are English (or other language grammatical errors)

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7. Never pay via credit card, you can use PayPal to make payment or purchase your goods (this is way easier to get refunds)

8. Try as much as possible to check if the website is certified by McAfee SECURE

9. Do not pay via credit-card, use PayPal instead (easier to get refunds)

10. Don’t enter sensitive or useful information on non-HTTPS pages ( this can cause u harm in the future)

11. Never you get carried away by low prices or free registration. If it looks too good to be real, make sure you pay attention.

12. Always Check if the site has a social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). This is where you can easily contact users that are already on the platform or desires to join the platform.

13. Try to always first contact the website owner via email and watch the language format he or she will use in responding to you. (You can easily detect Nigerian language, Ghanaian English, British English, American English and many other languages if you pay attention.


Many scam websites have domains that end with uncommon and cheap TLDs.

Eg .xyz, tk.host and many uncommon cheap domains.

This additional check should help you make the right choice.

So, asking your question “is Wlavideon.host legit”?

Check when Wlavideon.host domain name was first registered:

 The domain name was registered only 1 month ago.

A domain created less than 3 months ago is considered new and this is potentially suspicious.

Topgistextra may not have enough details to judge a website created only a few months ago, but I have see couple of people who claimed they earned from the platform but has refused to show payment proof. Check the picture below

Is Wlavideon.host legit

Is Wlavideon.host scam?

I have not seen people claiming they have been scammed yet.

So, they can’t be tagged scam.

URL similar to Wlavideon.host

Below is a list of URLs I discovered to be duplicate of Wlavideon.host (They are all scam)






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Users Review

Please, kindly write useful comments by including proofs.

This will help us identify a scam site more and save us time.

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