VTU Business in Nigeria – Complete Guide on Starting With Low Capital

Have you been thinking of starting a VTU Business in Nigeria and yet finds it so hard to venture into? Well, it is normal to encounter such but would you agree with me that the major cause of you not starting up a VTU business in Nigeria is not because of monetary aspect of it.

VTU Business in Nigeria – Complete Guide on Starting With Low Capital

What then is it? You don’t have to be in haste, follow up in this article review to know everything about VTU Business in a country like Nigeria using my provided guide to starting up the business with as low as 2000# as initial capital.

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Before this era of more advanced technology, most of activities as regard data and airtime were done majorly on the physical sphere of life. That’s face to face with a recharge card vendeor dealer and you the buyer, but With VTU, the phone will be directly credited by the vendor with the help of digital crediting and there will be no need for scratching a card or loading with USSD.

The buyer will simply get an alert that his phone has been topped up. In other words, in VTU business you sell airtime credit. This kind of business is easy to start with little capital

In addition, there is still a huge demand because it is more convenient for the customer to apply for a VTU vendor than to buy a paper scratch card to recharge the phone. There are many benefits associated with the VTU business. These include:

The buyer receives the benefits based on the tariff provided by the network provider e.g. MTN gives customers free 10 MB data weekly on MTN Pulse for a recharge of N100.

You can start this business without obtaining any certificate, huge capital or necessarily owning a blog or website. In fact, you do not have to be a university graduate or undergraduate before you can venture into this business.

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Do you know that you can start a VTU business with a capital as low as N1,000 – N7, 000 provided you have your mobile phone. All you need is an internet-enabled device such as a smart phone or laptop. You also do not have to go through the process of loading SIM cards in order to do your VTU business.


1. PC or Android device.

2. Mobile Banking App or Debit Card

3. Google Drive App, and the,

4. Virtual Top Up Vending PACK.

Once you have this basic tools, starting a VTU business is just a step away. Put on a beautiful as you go through the steps on how to start a VTU Business in Nigeria. Read below to get the full gist.


1. You have to Ensure you have an internet-enabled phone. Having more than one or two devices depends on the number of services you want to provide. The more phones you have, the faster is your work.

2. You should also have a considerable amount of airtime which could be N1000 to 2000 naira worth of airtime depending on your pocket abi capacity.

3. Maybe you are using VTU SIM Cards, you will need to have the SIM cards of each network you wish to work with. These could include the major networks which are Glo, MTN, Airtel, etc. The SIM cards must be loaded with a substantial amount of money.

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4. Peradventure you decides to have a shop, ensure the fixed physical location of your business can enhance the profitability of your business activity. You should also put the location of your business into consideration. Commercials such as those close to institutions, school campuses, crowded squires are very much profitable for this business.

5. Do not forget to Order a good showcase where you can display
information on the services you provide, products for sale, prices, and networks you work with.

6. Also try to build and make use of a website with a convenient and good-looking design. Having a website helps to attract customers online who do not come to a physical location.

7. Laptop and smartphones are essential tools for your business so you can install applications to top up in the easiest way. Like i have said earlier, The start-up capital depends on your abilities, the minimum sum to start is about 5000 – 10000 Naira. These include the money you will use to purchase devices such as good phones, SIM cards, etc.


When you start on this business, as a small scale business of one man, no license is needed. However, you are required to have Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration.

Another important step is to download the VTU
application. It is through this platform that the Airtime will be credited to your customers/the third party. There are many VTU apps available for download.


When using the SIM loaded VTU, one has to buy a SIM card on each network and also load airtime on each network. VTU apps, however, take away this disadvantage.

Once you activate the VTU selling platform as a reseller, you can use just one portal. You can access your VTU portal via your mobile phone or on a web platform. With the little capital you begin with, you can sell to all networks such as MTN, 9mobile, etc.

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The VTU recharge business allows you to earn monthly. With VTU apps, you can also sell airtime, data, send bulk SMS, pay bills such as Startimes, GoTV, DSTV, etc.


For the VTU business, you can use any type of promotion.

These include:
Create pages on different social networks and so on. As long as you make sure to provide quality services, your customers will find you If you have all this in place, then the process of starting your VTU business is on. All you need to do is follow the required procedure to credit people’s account.


As a VTU vendor in Nigeria, you get at least 3% discount on your airtime purchase.
So, let’s say you only sell just one VTU per in two days (which is a worst-case scenario, you are expected to do much better because people make use of airtime per day), you will obtain 3% in 2 days. Based on this, you will earn about 45% profit in one month. This is good as no other Nigerian business can bring such a high return over the investment of 45% interest in one month, without risks.

There are over 100 million active GSM users in Nigeria. Telecommunications companies earn an average of N2000 per month on each user. Monthly airtime usage is 260 billion naira. Telecommunication companies now focus on Virtual Top Up rather than paper recharges.

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You can earn up to 5% commission on recharge cards sold on airtime recharges with the VTU business. Nigerian banks are also VTU sellers, this goes to show how lucrative the business is. The sale of paper recharge card is fast fading and the virtual Top-up is taking over.

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