UivVideon.site Review – find out why UivVideo.site is scam

UivVideon.site Review – find out why UivVideo.site is scam

UivVideon.site Review – find out why UivVideo.site is scam

UivVideon.site Review – find out why UivVideo.site is scam website which you must avoid.

No doubt people wants to make money so bad in this season and it is quite understand, but making money whereas you are wasting time is something I don’t like.

To keep you on the right track, we shall review this video earning website known as UivVideon.site.

Remember before now, I wrote a review about Wlavideon which is so similar to the website been reviewed now.

Disclaimer: Topgistextra is not being paid to write a review about UviVideon.site or is he trying to stain the image of this company/platform.

I am only writing to educate people who wants to invest in any platform a general view of what the platform is and is not.

Please, bear with Topgistextra if you found this article annoying.

Let’s move to the business of the day.

About UviVideon.site – Overview of UviVideon

The platform claim to be a free website that pays users for doing little task such as watching of videos.

Uvivideon free video earning website claims to be paying people who take their time to watch videos. In fact, the website seems like a YouTube website but different from YouTube.

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According to my discovery, I discovered that the platform is more like a YouTube but different from YouTube since YouTube do not pay viewers for watching videos.

I didn’t see Much information about the owner of the website, where the website is located or how they realize the pay they are giving to their user’s, but of a truth, the pay per video viewed is really high and I just wish it is a legit platform.

The only information I saw on the platform is the one down right now. Check below

What is the essence of the work?

They claim they offer people to view prepaid promotional videos of various world Advertisers and get paid for doing so

Also, they claim that their advertisers are mostly producers of household appliances, leading retailers and top video bloggers.

And also, their system only yields high and high quality videos which are selected and tried by their experts.

Domain information –UivVideon.site whois

A big thanks to lookup for providing the information associated with the domain, UivVideon.site


Unfortunately, there is no vital information registered online concerning the domain.

But I was able to find out this I then I decided to include it in my UivVideon review

Age: 2 months 14 days as at the time this review was written

Uivvideon Registration: free

Website: www.UvVideon.site

UivVideon.site Review – find out why UivVideo.site is scam

UivVideon review do not have to take our time much. This because, the website is a duplicate of one another.

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The truth about scam platform is not just when you make an invest and didn’t receive your return. A website is also scam when they make promises and are not able to keep to that promise.

UivVideon.site is a scam website because it is not a registered domain, it is a duplicate of other website such as Wlavideon.host, Agvideon.xyz and many more.

This website is scam because you can make 100 dollars in less than 3hrs.

Also, it is a scam because after you reach  your minimum withdrawal, you will be asked to invite at least 30 friends to enable you withdraw.

How much can I earn?

The platform says the cost of one minute of a promoted video is half a dollar.

This means in an hour, one can earn more than $30 by just watching an advert.
Working for like 3hours on the platform means you are likely to earn $90 and. So, approximately, one can earn 2700 dollars in a month.

This is also one of the statement you will see on their platform
“According to the results of conducted surveys, the site UivVideon.site is currently the leading system among other systems of paid video viewing. You can see it for yourself!
Top earnings for the previous day “

How can I withdraw money?

The platform also assures their user’s that at the request for payment, money will be withdrawn from the system in a space of an hour during working hours, or 3 to 4 hours during non working hours.

So, they have provided several payment methods so that UivVideon.site users can easily cash out when due.

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The payment available in UivVideon. Site

  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • And some other methods available on the website.

Can I invite friends and/or relatives?

About referring, the platform is saying you shouldn’t think of withdraw or getting your earned money without referring people. They claim the person you bring will bring you additional profit. But what if you don’t need their additional profit?

You can find a link to attract referrals in your personal account.
Share this link in social networks, on forums, through messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram), via SMS, and e-mail.

From the two sentence, the website UivVideon.site is actually looking for more traffic.. More views to their blog and to make that come to pass, you have to share to People so those people we share to another.

Is UivVideon.site scam?

Is UivVideon scam is a very good question, but I guess you already know the answer to that. The review above should give you the best answer to the question. Do well to read if you haven’t.

Is UivVideon.site legit

Is UivVideon legit is actually an intelligent question, but I don’t think they can pay anyone since the program is based on using people time to gain traffic to their website.

User’s review

Please, kindly write useful comments by including proofs.

This will help us identify a scam site more and save us time.

Thanks for checking out this review about UivVideon.site.

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