Twitter Reply feature Rolled Out For Everyone (See Reasons)

Twitter Reply feature Rolled Out For Everyone (See Reasons)


Twitter Reply feature Rolled Out For Everyone (See Reasons)

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This is to insight twitter user’s about the new reply feature introduced by Twitter inc which is out for everyone.

The new feature is believed to be have been introduced simply to control hate speech and spreading of rumours as twitter has informed the general public of having rolled out Limited reply feature for all user, irrespective of the device OS.

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The latest feature which have been under testing for some months before now, has finally gone official for users to limit who he or she prefers to reply on a particular tweet.

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This means, before a user sends a tweet, the user’s will be able to choose who can reply to it. The options includes in the new feature include;

  • Everyone (default)
  • People you follow
  • Only people you mention

Twitter Reply feature Rolled Out For Everyone (See Reasons)

Twitter claims the new feature ensures that unwanted replies don’t get in the way of meaningful conversations. As the feature is now available for all Android and iOS users, as well as for the Web version. People using twitter Messenger also have privilege to this.

In view of the options, Everyone to comment on your tweet is provided as default, while people you follow are those on your following list and only people you mention are the people you mention in your tweet.

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In regardless of the option you choose, everyone will still be able to like, view and retweet your tweets.

Meanwhile, if you don’t select the option to make changes, the default option will be assumed, and everyone will be able to reply to it, While Tweets where you choose the limited reply options will be labelled as such, and the reply icon will be greyed out for people who can’t reply. However, everyone will still be able to view, like, and retweet these tweets. Review (Free earning site) Latest update


In my own view of this “Twitter Reply feature Rolled Out For Everyone“, I sincerely believe it is of a great help to the public especially to those people who are powerful in the society that does one thing or the other contrary to the law of the land and still goes on the social world to defend their self.

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You can take Nigeria as a case study and try to dig out how many times twitter users have complained of bad leadership and you see some of the politicians defending themselves.

I want to thank and appreciate Twitter for introducing this new feature which I believe most people will also admire.

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