Track My Phone For Free Online – Find My Phone

Track My Phone For Free Online – Find My Phone

Many phone users just like you sort for possible way to Track cell phone for free online. Now, you will get a complete guide to your question “How to my phone for free online.

Many, whom their phone must have been stolen or may have gotten lost have no idea they call actually find their phone online without paying money to do that.

Well, I had this friend some years ago and he purchased any expensive phone, Camon 11 pro precisely, and after some days, it went missing. I know he went through a lot before he was able to secure that phone and then it went missing.

He said to me ” I need to find my phone ” and I asked him ‘how can you find your lost phone’. Few days later he went to return to the nearby police in Nigeria and he was asked to pay N10,000 of which he paid just as to locate his phone at all cost.

Weeks later, he informed me his lost phone hasn’t been formed and it is driving him crazy. I thought for a second “why should I pay people to locate my lost phone when I can easily do that”

Hey, if you have been looking for a means to locate your lost phone online for free then you are home.

Track My Phone For Free Online

Online phone tracking means the use of an online software to aid you in tracking a lost phone. How possible is this?

You will find out in the next line as I line the guide and software I use in tracking my phone for free online.

How to Track Phone Number Location Online for Free?

Many of us have several reasons why we are looking for free cell phone tracking online. Right?

This may be because you have lost your cell phone, your friend seeks for your help on how to track a lost android phone or that you are reading this post just in case you experience any of the above mentioned.

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Don’t worry, which ever reason, it is worth reading this post. In the next list, you will be seeing simple and easy way to track phone number location online for free.

1. Online GPS Phone Tracker

Online GPS phone tracker is one of the platform that allows you to track phone number location online for free.

So, if you are in Nigeria or any other country, this website below can help you track cell phone for free online.


  • The tracking works globally.
  • The website allows tracking of phone number as well as landline.
  • It has some network limit because those in Nigeria using Airtel have to find other online phone tracking software or software.

Don’t worry, other listed below may just solve your search.

Official website:

GPS Cell Phone Locator

Not only can this platform track phone for free online, but has grown to been one of the best website for american and almost the global world to use in locating the current area of their phone number should in case the goes on missing.


  • The platform is proven to be safe and user friendly.
  • No need to download a third party app before using the platform.
  • You can stay on their website and perform your online phone tracking activity’s.
  • The site can help you track any cell phone running on iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry.
  • You can also use the website for free cell phone tracking online anytime.
  • Those in USA benefit more on GPS cell phone locator

Official website:

Note; was formerly known as masterlocate.

Free Phone Tracer

Just as the name imply, Free phone tracker will help you to track cell phone for free online without you having to spend money to do that.


  • This online platform with the aid of their software will allow you do free cell phone tracking online.
  • The software work in a way that you can easily understand.
  • It can track cell phone number and landline in no much time.
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  • At a certain stage, user will be asked to use credit card.
  • It seems not to work for all countries as I was not able to track my phone number location in Nigeria.
  • It seems freephonetracker is mostly for Americans and other in that area.

Official website:

Aside from the platform listed above which are free phone tracker, GPS cell phone locator and Online GPS Phone Tracker, you can also use a third-party App to track cell phone number for free. How possible?

Below on how to track phone number location using Third Party Apps will guide you more. All you have to do is keep reading and make sure you sure you understand what you are reading

How to Track Phone Number Locations using Third-party Apps?

The below third party apps can help you track phone number location if the first provision I gave isn’t comfortable with you.

True caller

True caller has proven to be the world best tracking app for mobile phones. With this third Party app, you can easily get to know the location of the person using your phone either through your lost or as a result of stolen.


  • It offers free cell tracking so far the user has mobile data for connection.
  • It has “block” feature. This means that if you are being disturbed more than you want, you can easily block the caller.
  • True caller also displays the name of the person calling you along with the person’s current location which makes it easy for tracking.
  • It is also available for android and iPhone users.
  • True caller will enable you to view your caller’s photo.

Official webiste:

Mobile number locator

Mobile number locator is another alternative to track mobile phone for free online.

All you have to do is select your current location, area code and country and then wait for the system to do the work for you free online tracking without paying money.


If you are searching for “track my phone for free online” and you are using android. This online mobile number locator will sure be good for you.

  • Mobile number locator app is accompanied by an automatic caller identification feature.
  • The app has all the global codes in their database.
  • The phone number locator shows a precise location on a 3D Google map.
  • Phone number locator always tracks phone number location offline and Online.
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Official website:

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

Mobile number tracker pro is a very nice app that allows you to track cell phone for free online. It has numerous features which may interest you.


  • It is available for iPhone users
  • It has over 200 countries number code in their database.
  • Mobile number tracker pro will notify you once your phone’s location is found.

Official website:

Free cell phone tracking online is no longer a big problem as most platform and apps now offer such services free of charge.

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Having the knowledge of how to track phone number location online for free entails you not wasting your funds going to the police station whenever you need to track cell phone.

There are many reasons why one would want to track cell phone for free online and this could be due to fear of losing phone or possible way to recover a lost or stolen phone.

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You may not need to worry again since all the provisions I have made on free cell phone tracking online is believed to be a very helpful tool to the question you asked.

Also, the third party app can also help you with every goal you need to reach on “find my phone”

I believe this has been really a great moment with you and I want you to stay tone to my next article which is going to be GPS CELL PHONE LOCATOR.

I leave you in peace as more to be updated

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