Top 5 Vtu App In Nigeria – Newly Listed

It is unquestionable and undoubted that VTU is one of the fastest growing business in Nigeria and across Africa. I am very sure you may have heard of one type of VTU or the other, but have you been able to make use of some of their services?

Well, few years back, what we are mostly used to is buying recharge card or data from a physical vendor/seller which has now shifted more to online or internet. With the recent technological advancement, I am very certain that in the next 5 to 7 years, we would have fewer or no physical vendor for mobile recharge card and data dealers.
As more people moved to this business, the question now is which one is the trusted platform to use?

Top Vtu App In Nigeria

There are many VTU mobile Apps in Nigeria which allows you to buy airtime and data at any time of your convenience. Aside from buying, some provides selling services in which you can resell your recharged airtime and data to their platform. This 5 Top VTU Mobile App selected and detailed below are not the best generally, but are of high reviews from users using them.

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Note: This review is not to promote any VTU Mobile App nor was paid to write a good review concerning the list of VTU Mobile Apps in Nigeria below. Meanwhile, do you know you can start VTU business in Nigeria with low capital? Why not check it out by clicking the link passed now.

Below are list of Top 5 VTU mobile app in Nigeria which has proven themselves you can buy Airtime, Data Subscriptions, Electricity, Education, and TV Cables conveniently with ease.
Let’s get started;

1. Paybills

PayBills is one of the best VTU mobile app available on the play store. It has gained the interest of many users with its super-fast transactions. You can buy airtime, data subscriptions, electricity, education (WAEC, NECO pin), TV Cables, etc

Paybills VTU Mobile App

PayBills has 4 different options to fund your wallet which makes life easier for its users, Bank Transfer (Instant), USSD, Card, Fund with Account.

2. Vtpass

Vtpass VTU Mobile App

Another amazing VTU app in Nigeria is VTPASS. This platform has lots of features with mouth-watering commission rates for their agents. You can buy airtime, data subscription, electricity, Education, TV Cables, Bulk SMS, insurance, and lots more on VTpass.
VTpass has thousands of downloads on Google Playstore with nice user reviews which makes it one of the trusted vtu platform
Click the link below to download vtpass

3. 1app

1app VTU Mobile App

1app is another amazing VTU app in Nigeria to buy your day to day services. It has a very clean and nice UI with lots of features. You can transfer money from your wallet to your local bank without any delay

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Click this link to download 1app
4. IRecharge
IRecharge is one of the best VTU apps with lots of VTU services. You can buy airtime, data subscription, electricity, Education, Electricity and TV Cables and also transfer.

IRecharge VTU mobile app

You can fund your wallet with card, ussd and bank transfer on IRecharge making life easier for you.
Click this link to download IRecharge
5. NowNow

NowNow mobile app

NowNow is another amazing VTU app in Nigeria. You can buy All VTU services on this platform. Another cool feature of NowNow is you can scan a QR code to send and receive money which makes transactions faster.
Click this link to download NowNow
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