Top 20 Reasons why Students fail Exam in modern days..


I sincerely believe that there are at times whereby you burn midnight candle, study so hard for an examination and yet you either failed the exam or you had alow mark.

Well, I want to commend you for that because even after studying and then getting low marks in a particular subject, your study is still useful to you In the society we live in today.


Meanwhile, I still believe there are some factors and hindrances to exam success in the life of a student which I will educate you on today and also proffer a solution to start passing your school examination with less stress or no stress.

Top 20 Reasons why students fail Exam in modern days.

Inadequate preparation

Inadequate preparation simply means not preparing well for the exam you are about to take and sincerely, studies has shown that in this modernized and civilized society, students no longer prepare like the days of olden and as a result has led to many examination failure amongst the student in secondary school, primary school and even those in tertiary institutions.


Procrastination simply means shifting ones supposed duty’s to other time which often cause the person not doing that activity.

It is not wise for a student to suspend his or her supposed study time for something not worth it. In fact, I wish students can see their study time as the period of no disturbances regardless of what the situation may be.

Also, it is assumed that procrastination is the word of a lazy man and I believe you are not lazy.

Body image

Yes, body image is to considered as one of the factors contributing to the failure of student. Body image here is not the size of the student Body rather, it is how the person sees his or her self.

Body image here could be seen as the student self esteem; This has to deal with what the student feels about his or herself.

Study has shown that students why high self esteem (positive thoughts towards oneself) tends to do better in school affairs which include examination, sporting activities and other academic performances.


Confidence here must be Elucidative which entails healthy confidence and over confidence (unhealthy confidence). It is fine to be confident as student, but overconfidence often lead to the student not taking appropriate study measure, causes pride and expanding knowledge become difficult since the student already believe he or she knows it all.


There is always a feeling that is attached to something which you have interest in than that which you feel you are forced to.

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In today’s society, many students believes they are forced to attend school and we they finally secure admission into an institution, they start misbehaving which often causes them to fail exams.

Level of perseverance

Why wouldn’t you fail when you do not endure while studying, while teaching is on going. Perseverance here is the endurance employed by a student during the time of study and learning just so to accomplish the task foreseen.

In our today’s society, successful people are those that actually endured both in the music industry, movie industry and the lecturers we see in this modern days speaking high grammars and English to it fullness are all people who persevered


Today’s society students are that group of people who love to party, enjoy life to it fullness.

Yeah, it is nice to attend parties and enjoy life, but what is not nice is you forgetting the reasons why you are in school or the reasons why you are taking that exam.

Aside from party, peers also contribute to the disturbance of a student life.

Nevertheless, the student who truly is focused and concentrated has control over his party life, peers and other factors considered as disturbance.

Poor management of Time

Poor time management is not only during the study period, but could also be in the exam hall.

A student may read and understand what he or she had read, but not managing the given time properly can lead to the student failure.

It is always good for a student to study and also test her writing speed and remembrance rate so as to balance the reading time and the exam writing time to his or her benefit.

Bad study plans

When one set a bad study time for study, it is likely to affect the student performance in school.

Nigeria as a example, most Nigerian study do not actually have a good study plan ranging from the high class, middle, average citizens. Bad study plan here is a plan to study crashing with other activities that needs to be cared for.

Improper information and education

Truth be told, there are set of people that act on what have are informed of or what they know.

Aside from students part to play in exam success, the teachers also have some part to play such as properly informing and educating the student of the nature of the exam they are to write.

Also, not using the rightful teaching tools to teach the students can result to exam failure.

Lack of Needed Exam Materials.

Going to write an examination without having read the needed materials for it is like a warrior going to war ground without his or her sword.

One who wishes to do well in a particular field of study or act must be willing to abide by the items needed to succeed in that line.

It is usually advisable for students to purchase their exam materials ahead of time so as to start effectively and hard.

Having monkey face

You sure know how monkeys behave right?. Yeah, they are always shy and tend to hide from people except from their fellow monkeys.

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students should not be seen behaving like a monkey who doesn’t want to learn due to shyness. Not adding to your knowledge will cause your knowledge to be limited and outdated.

Student will new knowledge tends to face exam challenges compared to the other with less knowledge.

As a result, adding fresh ideas will update the brain to enable it functionality and performance.

Lateness to Exam Hall

A student who comes late to school is likely to be late in exam day and that could cause him or her not writing the exam or not meeting up with time.

Usually, exam time is limited and coming late to the exam hall can amount to a terrible exam failure.

Friends and family

There is an adage that says “show me your friends and I will tell who you are”. This adage illustrates that the people we mingle with has lot to contribute to our lives including in our education.

Take for instance, if you are always with someone who love to read during the day and at night, don’t you think you will prompted to adopting such behaviour.

Also, there are some set of people who are naturally intelligent and as such, their manner of understanding tends to differ from another set of people finds it difficult in understanding a thing.

Poor Eating Habitat

A good diet is that which contains the six classes of food in their right proportion such as carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, fats and oil, mineral salt and water.

It is of no doubt that some students do no consider eating appropriate meal as factor responsible for exam success or failure, but truth be told, not eating the proper meal for the day session can result to less body functionality which will affect both the body and brain of the student.

Students are advised to eat light food to enable them think quicker and in remembrance. Fruits and water is also a good suggestion.

Totally Stressed

Tiredness as a result of prolonged reading and other activities is bad for the body and brain. Student should try to cool off whenever there is a feeling of stress or tiredness just so to regain energy which is essentially needed.

Lack of practice

Practice makes perfect and of truth, there are students in modern days who finds it unneeded In practicing.

Nevertheless, learning or reading without retesting a learnt knowledge could make that learning go into extinction or could become hard to recall the learned.

Students needs to adopt the style of successful people in today’s society such as maradona, a football and the likes of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who has trained hard to reach their optimum in life.

Environmental Factor

The environment will live in is also a determinant to how successful a student can be in time of examination performance. One could be baffled with the question “how can environment be a reason for exam failure”

Alright, an environment filled with noise especially where factories and production companies are located will eventually lead to disturbance thereby causing the student not to practice well for his or her exam and that is why I have picked it to among Top 20 Reasons why Students fail Exam in modern days..

Nature of the Exam

Regardless that most students in modern days do not actually study like the former days, Tutors, lecturers, teachers and Examiners are to be considered as part of the causes and effect of exam failure.

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Take Nigeria for example, there are many lecturers in the university who after selling books and hand outs to Student will end up setting question aside the provided or recommended materials.

Students who read versatile tends to HSE experiences to write and pass the exams, but students who are dependent on what they read from recommended textbooks will end up not performing well.

Having considered the reasons why students fail exam in modern days which I have itemized and elucidated for you to understand.

Meanwhile, there are three common questions usually asked by curious student like you. Which are;

Why do students fail exams?

This is a very good question which is common among many students, but my topic title “Reasons why Student fail exams in modern days” is synonymous to “why do students fail exams”.

I urge you to read my listed Reasons why student fail exams if you skipped any of it.

Why do university students fail?

University students fail especially in exams due to some reasons which is mostly caused by them. One of the reason for university student failure could be not studying hard enough for an exam and another may just be not doing what he or she is asked to do.

Why do students fail in competitive exams?

I do ask this question as well because in my secondary school I had seen lot of people contributing in the normal class but when it comes to competitive exams, they hardly do well.

It baffles me and I sort answers to that very cause and I figured out it is because the student is not properly prepared or ready for the exam. A courageous student should be able to take challenges and should be able to succeed too.


There is no doubt that failing examination is something that omitted from the society especially in this present one, but doing the right thing will reduce the rate of examination failure.

Students will surely continue to fail exams if measures are not taken into consideration especially this type I have provided.

To eliminate high exam failure, continuous learning must be employed, attending classes should be seen as priority, less party attendance and also peers should be selected.

Not just that lecturers, parents, guardians and members of the society also have an important role to play in reducing examination failure.

Studies has shown that students who are encouraged by teachers, parents or guardians tends to perform better and remain focused compared to those who little or no care of concern or encouragement is given to.

I believe this my article on Reasons why students fail in exam is a resourceful and recommendable content for those in primary school, secondary school, tertiary institutions and even graduate as this can help to correct causes of student failure in school in this modern day.

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