Stop Apps from Running in Background – Force stop Apps

How to Stop Apps from Running in Background – Force stop Apps

How to Stop Apps from Running in Background – Force stop Apps

I believe you know how annoying it can be operating a device that is slow or perhaps hangs. Do you know that most of the phone that hangs are as a result of Apps running in background.

These Apps running in background most times are out of our notice and luckily to some people, their smart phone is so smart to the extend of giving them warning of Apps eating up their preserved running speed.

Aside from Some Apps running in background and slowing down the speed and performance of an android device, RAM of phone also have a big impact to play in the high performance of a device.

RAMRandom access memory is one of the major thing that plays the role of how an android device or device is assumed to run. Notably, it is usually assumed that the higher the RAM, the higher the speed of the device.

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This article “Stop Apps from Running in Background – Force stop Apps” will enable you to find a cure to having a longer lasting battery, free memory space for smooth running of your android device and also he as faster running device.

Note: force stopping Apps on phone are not bad ideas, but I do not advice you to force stop an inbuilt Apps/system software.

The inbuilt apps are apps that came with the phone and when a user force stop such application, the device is likely to misbehave in the future.

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How to Stop Apps from Running in Background – Force stop Apps

To stop your Apps from running in background so as to save your battery and data. Follow these steps;

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Locate “Apps” or Apps & notifications
  • Tap on it. You will see list of apps running.
  • Click on any of the apps you wish to stop from running.
  • On the app screen,you will see FORCE STOP and UNINSTALL.

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Stop Apps from Running in Background – Force stop Apps

How to stop apps, android device,

Note: Choosing Force Stop will stop the app during your current Android session. However, when you restart your phone, the app is likely going to relaunch again.

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Also, tapping on UNINSTALL is going to delete the app on your phone.

Nevertheless, whether you choose to force stop Apps or uninstall apps, you will still enjoy the benefiting of saving data, battery and Also your phone RAM

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Most people today love to have various apps on their android device and some of these apps are built specifically for laptops and higher operating systems.

Phone users must be mindful of the kind of Apps they install on their devices to avoid blaming wonderful phone company’s like Tecno, infinix, Microsoft, Nokia and many of them.

It is recommended to uninstall apps you hardly make use of so as to enjoy the device you have now.

I believe this tip, guide or should I call it tutorial has solved the problem you sought to this place.

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