Omnibus Law Ciptaker Law, Tagar #OmnibusLawSampah #DPRRIKhianatiRakyar

Omnibus Law Ciptaker Law, Tagar #OmnibusLawSampah #DPRRIKhianatiRakyar

FOLLOWING UPDATES News of the Omnibus Law Law on Ciptaker, Hashtags #OmnibusLawSampah Until #DPRRIKhianatiRakyar Skyrocket to become Today’s Twitter Trending
Omnibus Law Ciptaker Law, Tagar #OmnibusLawSampah #DPRRIKhianatiRakyar

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID – The ratification of the Omnibus Law Act on the Job Creation Act aka the Ciptaker Law or the Job Creation Act aka the Cilaka Law which was held by the government and the legislature received a response from the public.

The labor community and a number of other elements of society (including several student groups) staged a demonstration against the new labor regulations.

These demonstrations took place in Jakarta, the Tangerang Industrial area and also in several other areas such as the Student demonstrations in Makassar and so on.

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In addition, it seems that rejection does not only occur in the ‘field’ in the form of demonstrations in various regions in the country.

The citizens of the virtual universe are also no less exciting voicing the rejection.

One of them was seen on Twitter social media. Hashtags or hashtags related to the rejection of the Omnibus Law Ciptaker Law have skyrocketed into Twitter trending in recent times.

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Summarized from the page, for example, the hashtag #DPRRIKhianatiRakyar to #OmnibusLawSampah topped Twitter’s trending list.

From the page, you can see that the hashtag #DPRRIKhianatiRakyar in the last 24 hours has occupied the top position of Twitter trending.

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With at least 2.8 million Tweets echoed by Netizens with the hashtag #DPRRIKhianatiRakyar in the last 24 hours

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