N-Power Registration 2020 | N-power Application | N-Power Requirements 2020

N-Power Registration 2020 | N-power Application | N-Power Requirements 2020

N-Power Registration 2020 | N-Power Enrollment | How to Apply for N-Power 2020 | N-Power Requirements.

N-Power Registration 2020 has already commences as  N-Power Batch C enrollment is officially announced to start today being June 26, 2020.

There is no doubt, N-Power is always one of the hottest cake in the country, Nigeria as it is one way to make money through empowered.

Yes, that’s why many people always take to the internet to ask several Questions relating to N-Power program and this include;

Is N-power form out for 2020?

How do I apply for N-Power 2020?

Is N-power portal open for 2020?

N-Power Requirements

And many other questions as such. That’s why Topgistextra will take time to explain everything you need to know about N-Power 2020 and also provide answers to the most common questions asked by N-Power applicants.

But wait, what is Npower?

N-power is a Nigerian program by the federal government, charged with a mission to move people from poverty to the middle class through tech training, skills and jobs employment.

What does this mean?

This means that those who have applied for N-Power program through N-Power portal and have been accepted and placed for duty, the individual will perform a given task and the federal government will pay that individual along with other rewards attached which are usually laptops, palm tops, tablets and other technological invention’s.

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Well, is there any N-Power latest news for now or for this years. Is that also your worry?

Good news for all us. There is a very big N-Power latest news 2020 and I will brief us about it in no time.

N-power latest news 2020

N-power latest news 2020 we gathered is that Batch A & B to exit from N-power payment on June 30 & June 31 respectively.

So, Batch C N-power enrollment is to commence on June 26, 2020 by noon. The portal for the enrollment will be open for everyone who wishes to Register, but only qualified applicants will Be selected.

Make sure you read throughout to know N-Power Requirements and how to apply for N-Power 2020.

I will take some of the questions that are commonly associated with N-Power Registration yearly.

Is N-Power form out for 2020?

Yes, Npower form for 2020 is now out online as the federal government started that the N-Power portal will be opened today being 26 June, 2020 and that the former Batch A & B will exit the room for new people to be recruited.

Is N-power portal open for 2020

Yes, N-Power portal for 2020 registration is now open.

Applicants can now go to the N-POWER official website and begin their N-Power Registration so as to be accepted as the number applying for it this is already massive.

You want to apply for N-Power, but you don’t know how to start or who to give your money to for registration. Don’t worry, I will provide you with answers to all your sensible questions.

Note:N-Power Registration is free and federal government of Nigeria do not charge it’s citizen any money before participating in N-Power program.

Pls, disregard any news that has payment attached before you can register.

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Alert: For those of you who normal collect N1,550 from people to register them for N-Power, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. I know all have sinned and come sort of the Glory of God, but don’t die in your sins.

Those registering for N-Power program should only pay for the time they spent at the cyber cafe. Meanwhile, I can show you steps for N-Power Registration. Check it out below.

Requirements for N-Power program

If you want to register for N-Power Program, don’t you think you must possess all the requirements before doing that?

Note; Not having all these N-Power Requirements means you have low chance of being recruited into the program. You are advised to gather all the requirements before applying for N-Power Program.

Below are the Requirements for N-Power 2020 Program

N-power Eligibility

  • Applicant who is with Ordinary National Diploma (OND) is qualified to apply.
  • Applicant with National Certificate of Examination (NCE) is qualified to apply
  • People with Higher National Diploma (HND). HND are gotten from UK and other international countries..
  • People with Bachelor Degree
  • Applicant must be between age 18 –35
  • Bank verification (You must have a Biometric Verification Number)

If you have any of the above aforementioned documents and your age is between 18 – 35 then you are qualified to go for the job.

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Personal information of the applicant’s

  • Name (surname first)
  • An e-mail account (Yahoo, gmail, Ask etc)
  • Password ( just to ensure you are in custody of your E-mail account
  • Background information.
  • National Youth Service Certificate (if you have any)
  • Birth certificate (original or affidavit)
  • Local Government identification Letter ( To verify your origin claim)
  • Bank verification Number ( To send your payment easily)
  • Phone number (to communicate you when necessary)
  • Bank number
  • Bank name
  • Bank Account Number
  • State of origin, LGA, Community
    Residential address.
  • State of resident (e.g, Ebonyi state)
    Local Government of Resident
    The program you are applying for.
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Note; Most of all the mentioned things here will be asked for during your N-Power Registration. Ensure to get them ready before going for the registration.

N-power Registration 2020 | Register For N-Power 2020 Program

Npower is starting new registration on the 26 of June as announced by the federal government of Nigeria.

So, if you are going to cyber cafe, have it in mind you will access N-Power portal before your registration can be done

The official N-Power portal  2020

Once you click the highlighted texts, it will take you to N-Power Which is the Homepage of N-Power for this year.

To access N-Power portal kindly follow any of the following links to get you registered on N-Power program 2020.




Here, I bet to take down my fingers as I have been able to educate you on “N-Power Registration, how to register for the program, the Requirements one must possess before applying for N-Power.

I will update you with latest news, latest jobs happening around the globe when we meet again. Remain safe as you apply for this job. Covid-19 is real.

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