MTN Free 12gb Data Cheat 2020

How To Get 2GB Of MTN Data Using 100 Naira | MTN Data Cheat | MTN Nigeria Data Plan.

MTN Free 12gb Data Cheat 2020 | how to get free data on mtn network | MTN Free Data | mtn free 12GB data | MTN Free 12gb Data Cheat 2020

Have you gotten your own mtn free independence data or you are yet to have your free 12GB Data activated?

How To Get 2GB Of MTN Data Using 100 Naira | MTN Data Cheat | MTN Nigeria Data Plan.

If yes, congratulations and happy independence once more and if you haven’t gotten your own free data from mtn as a gift for independence then you are a step away from have your own free Mtn data for October 2020.

To get your mtn free data worth over 12GB, then you must follow this article to the end. Meanwhile, let me notify mtn that I am only writing according to what I saw and not as a threat.


Dear MTN; mobile Telecommunications network, I am not giving this tip to deceive mtn users and customers.  am writing this tip on how I was able to get mtn free 12GB data few hours to the end of Nigeria independence day celebration.

I felt this cheat was released by mtn company to celebrate independence day for Nigerians. I didn’t get only data worth over 12GB, I was also given Airtime worth N4500.

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Please mtn, if you feel this free data for Nigerians is against your services for mtn users, you can quickly do something about it or better still leave it for us to continue enjoying.

How to Use multiple sim cards on a single sim supported phones.

Dear readers, we may now proceed to the main business on how to get free data on mtn network 2020.

But wait, do you know that what brought you here is also what many people are searching for concerning mtn free data and mtn data cheat. Below is a list of some related searches; MTN data cheat codes 2020, MTN hack codes, MTN cheat 2020, MTN cheat 120GB, MTN free internet, MTN free data code, MTN free data promo, MTN Free credit cheat.

Nevertheless, just for time sake, we shall quickly look at how people are getting 12gb worth of data and N4500 airtime from mtn as Nigerians celebrates October 1 and independence day.

The list below are the requirements before you get rolling the mtn cheat 2020 of 12GB.


  • MTN SIM card
  • The MTN sim card must be registered
  • The sim card must be inserted into a working device (IPhone, Android or torch light phone doesn’t matter).
  • Time ( activating mtn hack codes are not always easy as they are likely to show balm heads as always.)
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Now, if you have all the requirements listed above then you are step away from getting mtn free credit and mtn free data worth 12gb for free in this month of October.

WARNING:  I do not know if this cheat is an approved one or not. Users are responsible for the outcome of this free Mtn data cheat.

How to get mtn free 12gb Data 2020

To get mtn free 12gb Data, you just have to dial the code blow.

The code for mtn free data for October 2020 is *131*205#.

Yes, this means that for you to get free over 120GB from MTn in this month, then you may have to repeat the code *131*205# all over as show below.

The photo above shows an mtn user who has gotten over 48GB mtn  free data using this code.

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Note: if you receive any error as any of the following, ignore and continue dialling, you will surely get your mtn free data and airtime to call and surf the Internet with your family and friends.

Tip: you can use this mtn data code provided to subscribe multiple times and turn it to mtn unlimited data plan at your own convenience

Don’t be like me who has only dialled until I was credited and since then has refused to dial *131*205#.

Note: Your network plan doesn’t not determine as I was able to Activate it on mtn pulse plan and mtn betatalk plan.


This article was not written to sound as a threat or perhaps misuse the network in Nigeria. Most MTN user’s who has tried those free data browsing code and it worked for them believes the cheat is to celebrate independence day in Nigeria 2020.

Please mtn, if you know this is not an approved code for mtn users to get free Mtn data and airtime then you can deactivate the code and don’t send us funny warning messages.

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