MTN Free 12Gb Data And 4500 Airtime Cheat Detected

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On October 1st 2020, there seemed to be have been a little fault from mtn which allowed mtn users to Earn free 12gb data and free airtime worth N4500.

Many users who had earlier discovered the free working cheat had tagged it free mtn October data, 1st October MTN free giveaway, independence day free data and also *131*205# magic.

How To Get 2GB Of MTN Data Using 100 Naira | MTN Data Cheat | MTN Nigeria Data Plan.

I do not know if you are a benefactor of that leakage from mtn because I had earlier written about the free 12Gb free data from mtn as I deeply thought mtn were doing bonaza or should I say giveaway.

Well, if you didn’t receive in this recent free mtn data cheat, do not panic because MTN and other network has not closed yet. There must surely be some error to correct from our network providers.

Note: This article on MTN Free 12Gb Data And 4500 Airtime Cheat Detected is written to signal mtn users that mtn has finally corrected the error that led their free data distribute using the USSD *131*205#.

How did mtn discover that their users were getting free 12gb data using the code *131*205#…? Well, there would not be any other quicker way if it had not been that an mtn user must have reported the vulnerability to the network provider.

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What Did Mtn Do when they find out about this free data cheat? This time, mtn seems to be friendly unlike the former Actions on their users.

Mtn retracted the free 12gb data and N4500 free airtime after discovering the leakage. (See my mtn Balance photo after the retraction)

See some of the reasons why people free data cheat code below. I am certain it won’t be of surprise to you..

How to get free Data cheat code

1. Through random dialling of numbers using * and ending with #

2. Network upgrade from network providers such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat and other networks.

3. Through leakage either from an mtn staff or hackers.

4. Google: just search how to get free mtn data 

I am sure you know some of the ways to get a working data cheat code from network providers. You can drop some of your tips  below.

What can MTN and other Network do to stop Free data cheat? Mtn and other network providers in Nigeria and the world across may not completely eliminate vulnerability since we have lot of professional hackers and coders.

Meanwhile, with the following tips, mtn and other network providers should be able to Stay more safe and secure.

How to stop free data cheat

To stop free data cheat in Nigeria, consider the following;

1. Be more secured and safe

2. Do more giveaway to your users

3. Dash your network users free airtime

4. Dash your network users free data

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5. Trace and employ the first person that used the USSD first.

6. Stop retracting the free mb or Airtime your users already earned. This will make you accept weakness and work to be stronger.

7. Do not deduct money from peoples account. Doing that makes you a thief because the fault is from you.

Note: This are just a deduced suggestions and it was suggested on the thought that I feel it will be of usefulness. If you do not find my tips on how to stop free data cheat, then you may forsake considering.


To those that their free mtn 12gb data cheat was deducted this morning, oops! Sorry about that. Soldiers doesn’t give up and I am sure sooner or later, another vulnerability shall be discussed.

A big congrats to mtn network providers in Nigeria for blocking the free 12gb data cheat for data and airtime worth 4500, many users hope not to find vulnerable from you guys especially the person that has this mtn account on this photo (see below mtn user who got over 1Terabyte from mtn)

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