Iphone icloud unlock | How to unlock a locked iphone.

iphone icloud lock, Activation lock is a very big problem on it’s own because you simply can not make use of the phone even to do basic things such has phone call or SMS until it is unlocked.

Iphone icloud unlock | How to unlock an icloud locked iphone.

Well, let me sound a notice to your hearing and that’s unlocking a locked iphone may not be easy. Though your best bet right now should be to understand what it means to have icloud locked iPhone, iPhone icloud unlock and how to unlock an icloud iPhone without much stress.

Warning: These instructions apply only to iphone with the Activation Lock message. Other iPhone users who do not have activation lock Message may not be advised to use this information the way it is provided.

What Is an iCloud Locked iPhone?

Well, another name you can easily use in Substitute for icloud locking is Activation lock. This is one of the features Apple introduce in IOS 7 to prevent iPhone thefts and other ill acts.

Iphone icloud lock

Activation Lock is automatically installed and runned on devices whenever Find my iPhone is turned on.
Once enable, the iPhone surely can not be erased, have find my iPhone disabled or activated on a separate account without entering the Apple ID username and password originally to have the the phone set up.

Find my iPhone

I must say that this is very effective and working anti theft measure by Apple company to rule off those who steals phone because a thief certainly won’t have the icloud username and password of the victims phone, and without icloud password and username, the phone wouldn’t work for sure.

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How to know When an iPhone Is iCloud Locked

It is very easy to know when an iphone is icloud locked.

Anytime you see an on-screen message that says “Activation Lock” just know that the iphone is icloud locked and needs the original Apple ID username and password to set up the phone to unlock it back.

I bought a phone from a friend and after some months I got a message from Apple company about Activation lock. Does that mean I stole his phone or what?

This will bring us to

Are All iCloud Locked Phones Stolen?

Ever since Activation lock was introduced to do away with thefts, you may have thought if every icloud locked iphone is stolen.

A friend of mine came running to me after the phone his Girlfriend gave to him went went on iclould lock. He was like “Gee, see my phone oo. Iphone just sent me Activation lock and I don’t know what to do”

It is not all icloud locked iphone that’s is stolen. It’s possible to enable Activation Lock accidentally.

Some situations in which this could happen include:

  • Must have forgotten to turn off
  • Find My iPhone before erasing the iPhone
  • May have forgotten to sign out of iCloud before erasing the iPhone
  • Maybe your Apple ID is disabled.

From the above list, you are likely going to get the activation Lock screen whenever you try setting the phone again.
These mistakes are mostly common with those who buys used phones or what some calls second hand phones.

How to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone

Dear Apple user, there is only one way to get am icloud locked iphone unlocked.

This is in line with what I had explained to you about Activation lock.

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Activation Lock is very effective security and to unlock an I could locked iphone, it is either you have the information which is the Apple ID (username and password) or you don’t have it.

Now, when you see the activation Lock on-screen message, just enter your username and password and your locked iphone will surely be unlocked from icloud.

Things get complex and convincing when you are not the first owner of phone and the person you purchased it from didn’t tell you the username and password or forgot to give you details.

What you need to do now is to contact the person you bought the phone from and give them the phone to enter the password and username (physically near you)

After he enters it, to avoid repetition of such, kindly follow this proceed to sign him or her out totally.

Ask them to kindly enter their Apple ID account details on the phone.

When the phone gets to the home screen, he or she should sign out of iCloud:

  • If you are On iOS 10.2 and earlier, go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out.
  • If you are On iOS 10.3 and up, go to Settings > [your name] > Sign Out.

When asked for their Apple ID username and password, he or she should enter it again.

  • If you are On iOS 10.2 and Lower, just tap Sign Out, then tap Delete from My iPhone.
  • If you are On iOS 10.3 and up, just tap Turn Off.
  • Now, Erase the phone again by going to Settings E.g General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

When the phone starts running this time, you should not see the Activation Lock screen of you did it the way I have explained.

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I guess that was way too easy right?

Yes, the harder version comes in when the former owner is not physically near you. This is what you need to do.

  • Tell him or her to go icloud.com and sign in with the username and password which you have provided.
  • They should select find iPhone.
  • Select All Devices and then Select the phone that needs to be unlocked from icloud.
  •  Select Erase and follow any other on screen prompts that follows.
  • Now, once the phone has been removed from the Activation Lock, you can now start the phone again and lucky for you, you will not see the Activation Lock screen message when it starts fully.

If you can not get the Original Account used to activate the phone.

Well, this is one big issue as Activation Lock is very effective and powerful tool used to eliminate theft.

If you find yourself in this category of not having the original account used to activate the phone, well the last option is to contact Apple company support and submit some ownership claims and if they find the information you provided useful, they may just restore your phone from icloud Activation Lock.

About websites and other sites trying you they will help unlock your iPhone from icloud activation Lock.

Don’t be deceived by such sites and tools. They can’t get your Activation Lock unlocked. I want to let you know when you erase your iPhone device with activation Lock on-screen, you will still be locked by iPhone.

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