How to verify USA WhatsApp Number | Vkye App

How to verify USA WhatsApp Number | USA whatsapp verification | Vkye App

How to verify USA WhatsApp Number | USA whatsapp verification | Vkye App

How To verify USA WhatsApp number may not be easy but I will do my best to ensure USA WhatsApp verification become easy for you.

I find it very difficult following most of the tips of verifying USA WhatsApp number in other countries, and if you have been in that state, I want you to take a step forward and embrace the method I used to verify USA WhatsApp number.

They are many tools which can easily get you USA WhatsApp verification and I will be sharing with us a very simple and easy tool to use in verification of USA WhatsApp account.

I believe you are ready for this?

Let’s get rolling if you are and if you are not ready for this guide, then you may have to check out this wonderful post.

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Yes, there is no need travelling outside the country to get U.S phone number or you getting a picker over abroad before you verify your WhatsApp at the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is to download an application called “VYKE” from GoogleplayStore or AppStore

Yes, you need not travel out to get US phone number for verification. All you need to do is to download an app called “Vyke” from AppStore or Google PlayStore.

Vyke app can verify USA WhatsApp from any available country and not just Nigeria or Africa alone.

Now, let’s proceed

WhatsApp USA verifying App Download | Download VYKE App

  • First, open your “Google PlayStore” or “AppStore”
  • Make a quick search for an App called “Vyke”
  • Download the App, Vyke
  • Open the app and register with your area Number.
  • You will receive a Confirmation message from the Vyke to activate the App.
  • Type or paste the text you received just the way you were sent.
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Having done this, you are almost getting ready to verify your USA WhatsApp account without paying any money to anybody and also without moving an inch.

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How To Get USA Phone Number To Verify WhatsApp

1. Now, open the app you have Downloaded

2. Page showing your profile and details will be displayed.

3. Then click on “Add number”

4. Choose a country, select the state and city and select the duration (preferably 1 month)

You should get something like this number (+16694047590).

5. After the selection, you can now click on purchase.

The purchase is just $0.99 when I tried which is close to N700 (NGN)

After the payment, the number automatically belong to you until after the period of your purchase.

At this spot, you are close to activate your USA WhatsApp number for usage.

Let’s check out the next thing that’s important

Easy Steps To Verify WhatsApp With USA Number

1. Get or download latest WhatsApp from AppStore or playstore or you can quickly run a “change of phone number” on your phone

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2. Now, open the newly or changed WhatsApp number and type in your USA number

3. Click yes as “WhatsApp” asks if it is correct

4. Wait for WhatsApp to connect and you will receive a confirmation code.

5. Open “VYKE” App and copy the code to your WhatsApp and click verify.

A little patience as your WhatsApp is being verified with the USA number.


Note; you have to open both Vyke app down and your WhatsApp so as to get the code sent to you by WhatsApp to your vkye USA phone number.

Well, most of my friends have used this method to verify their PayPal account and other foreign stuffs though I haven’t tried using it to verify fiveer.

You can use the same method to try if it works and don’t forget to give yours feedback in the comment box.

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