How To Grow Facebook page From 0-150k Free in Nigeria

How To Grow Facebook page From 0-150k Free in Nigeria


How To Grow Facebook page From 0-150k Free in Nigeria

How To Grow Facebook page From 0-150k Free in Nigeria | Grow Facebook page| free Facebook page | How to grow Facebook page in 2020.

I have decided to make out chance to attend to many Facebook user’s demands especially those in Nigeria as they sought for a way to grow Facebook page from the scratch with out without money.

In this article, your question on “How can I grow my Facebook page for free” will be answered and you can quickly start making followers like never before.

Facebook is one of the most industrious environment for marketers to get their products and services across millions of interested persons, but then, having a Facebook account with just 5k friends and family will leave you with only a few hundred’s of persons interested in your products.

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What do I do then?

It’s simple. All you need to have more than 5k friends and family on Facebook is to have a Facebook page which will create an environment for buyers and seller (You)

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Now, if you have a Facebook page, I bet you have less than 100k Facebook page followers and if you have no page yet, can you get 100k organic Facebook page followers without spending much on it.

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Alright, you that have interest in this Facebook page for free, let’s continue then.

Meanwhile, most Facebook page users like you tend to make similar searches on search engines and other platform with the below words;

How to grow Facebook page organically

How to grow Facebook page from 0

How to grow Facebook page followers

How to get 10,000 likes on Facebook page in one day

How to grow a Facebook page 2020

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To grow Facebook page from 0-150k followers. You must have the following;

  • Facebook account.
  • Niche/category of your page.
  • Facebook page.

How To Grow Facebook page From 0-150k Free in Nigeria (Step by step guide)


This is to considered once you have your Facebook account, because without a Facebook account, you will not be able to create a Facebook page.

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Now, before you create a Facebook page, you need to think on it first and come up with what you want the page to be about.

A niche is like an area of focus. Just like in blogging, some are entertainment bloggers, tech bloggers, music bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and many others.

Example of niche you can choose from are fitness, fashion, food, memes, cannabis, video games etc.

But because we are focused on how to grow Facebook page followers free you may not choose as you want, but allow the situation of the society give you a clue.

Create your page

Once you have thought what your page is going to be about, your next action is to create Facebook page and give it a catchy title

Page description

This is very important because the more the enticing the description of your Facebook page is, the more time page are likely going to consider liking your page posts or page follow you.

Organic post targeting/Evergreen content

Organic here means a free from plagiarism post. Organic post are mostly content you make by yourself and it is hardly seen on any other platform except it had appeared on your page then other people can copy.

How to grow Facebook page organically

Copying or using an already existed content can make your Facebook page rank less and when that happens, you will find it hard crawl up again.

Source content

Search for new trending content that is related to your niche to boost your Facebook page more so as to have more followers. One thing with Facebook page is that once you start growing it is always hard to stop growing. The growth must start with the right proceedings.

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Sharing of posted contents

There is also important because at times, you need to take your products to people if the customers are not coming.

Sharing your Facebook page content to Mr.A , Mr. A can take it to B, B can take to C on and on and you are flying with followers which will surely reach 150k in no less time.

Grow, Grow ,Grow and boost to reach more engagements.

Keep growing your page. If you have 1k page followers, target more 1k on and on and you will see your page flying.

Facebook page growth


Growing a Facebook page may be stressful especially in a country like Nigeria, but with above steps, you should get your Facebook page ranking for growth and higher engagement in less than a month.

Keep your page updated as constant and regular as possible and you will surely see your page having more followers than how you have been having.

I hope this content was able to quench your curiosity on “How To Grow Facebook page From 0-150k Free in Nigeria

Feel free to drop your comment below on this article or something related.

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