review – scam or legit? Find out review – scam or legit? Find out review – scam or legit? Find out about Gainexbank, registration, how to login, investment plans and many more

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In my last article, I reviewed income program which is a new cryptocurrency website that accepts investment. Review – Legit or scam? Find out

Today, we will be looking at review to know if they are scam or not.

Disclaimer; is not being paid to write a review about or trying to spoil the image of this company.

I am only writing to enlighten people who wants to invest in any platform a general view of what the platform is and is not. Please, bear with Topgistextra if you found this article annoying. Thanks. review – scam or legit? Find out


GainexBank is a brand new online trading platform made so even investors with zero trading experience are successfully making a profit.

Our program, unlike any other, guarantees fix hourly interest for investors regardless of market conditions.

The above state can be found on their homepage when you to go

The company claim to be the best investment plan of 2020. And also promised to be paying 1.00% every hour and forever. Which is 24% Daily profit and forever.

Gainexbank domain information


Registry Domain ID:


Domain Status:


Registry Expiration: 2021-07-08
Created: 2020-07-08 00:59:00

From the above gainexbank domain information, we can clearly see that the domain was created July 8, 2020. Which means that it was created 2 days before I wrote this review.

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The official start of the website began on 11th July, 2020. Check the picture below to see that.

Gainexbank Contact information

Below is the contact information found on their website.

Address: NO 82, Green Lane, Hounslow
TW4 7BW, U.K.

Phone: +1 774 283 3820


Though this information is not found on the whois of as I had earlier checked online.

Company overview

The company seem to have this brand “Gainexbank limited” that specializes in reliable and profitable investment.  The company offers trust assets management if highest quality on the basis of foreign exchange and profits through currency exchange.

Also, the company claim to be best investment plan of 2020 whereby there is no other platform that can offer you the kind of services they render.

How does Gainexbank work?

Gainexbank seems to be involved in cloud mining which enables the company to earn bitcoin and other currencies without mining software, bandwidth, hardware or electricity.

This simply means you dont have to buy mining tools or anything to replicate your investment, the company does that for you.

You can decide to earn aside from your invest by inviting people to the platform. They call it upline.

But then before you earn, you must be a registered member and you must deposit a minimum of $20, while the maximum single deposit is $200,000.

This means you can deposit any amount permitted you deposit not higher than $200,000 per deposit. That’s how gainexbank works. minimum deposit

Gainexbank minimum deposit is $20. This deposit can only be made by registered users who wish to invest in their platform maximum deposit

There is no maximum amount of deposit in gainexbank, users can deposit any amount they wish to invest as far as they dont exceed $200,000 per deposit.

How to withdraw on

The payment method allowed are bitcoin and other payment options as stated by the website. To withdraw on Gainexbank, you must have logged in, then locate the member area and then click on withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

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How to earn on

To earn on, you must have registered an account and must have deposited at least $20.

You will earn 1.00% profit hourly and 24% in a day.

You can also earn from referring friends and family. review – scam or legit? Find out review | Final review of Gainexbank

The income website claim to be a specialist in trade market.

Their domain was registered on 8 July, 2020 and the official launching of was on 11 July, 2020

So, this hyip program is just 2 days as at the time this review was written. So, this income platform is new. Usually, a blog of 3 months or more may be considered old.

Days of running: 0 days

Total memebers: 36

Total deposit: $820.00

Total withdrawal: $ 0.00

I am not able to locate their address and relevant information on the domain whois, but they provided address on their platform, phone and Email.

They claim to be crypto experts who takes your money to trade in markets and make huge profit. This is all about review for now.

This information below should be very helpful. Do read down.

Before you buy something or register in a website.

Always look out for the following.

  • Look properly to see that the site has “contact us” web page.
  • Do away with online shops or websites that uses free email provider or email registration without verification.
  • Check if the site has some information about it’s company (Address, history, name, country)
  • Also look out for “about us” or who the company is (are)
  • Analyze the Domain WHOIs Data information to discover information about the site owner.
  • Make sure you try as much as possible to figure out if they are English (or other language grammatical errors)
  • Never pay via credit card, you can use PayPal to make payment or purchase your goods (this is way easier to get refunds)
  • Try as much as possible to check if the website is certified by McAfee SECURE
  • Do not pay via credit-card, use PayPal instead (easier to get refunds)
  • Don’t enter sensitive or useful information on non-HTTPS pages ( this can cause u harm in the future)
  • Never you get carried away by low prices or free registration. If it looks too good to be real, make sure you pay attention.
  • Always Check if the site has a social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). This is where you can easily contact users that are already on the platform or desires to join the platform.
  • Try to always first contact the website owner via email and watch the language format he or she will use in responding to you. (You can easily detect Nigerian language, Ghanaian English, British English, American English and many other languages if you pay attention.
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Many scam websites have domains that end with uncommon and cheap TLDs.

Eg .xyz, and many uncommon cheap domains.

This additional check should help you make the right choice. registration | How to register on

To register on, all you need to do is to fill their gainexbank registration form which entails your name, password  and e-mail.

That’s how to register on

How to login to

To losing to, you must have registered as a member.

Simply input your already registered username and password. That’s how to login to

Is legit

Is is a very nice question, but we do not know if they are legit or not. What I know is that they new and are looking for investors

Is scam?

Is scam also is a very good question, meanwhile, I received a comment on my fb page from Someone I do not know who may have invested in

Below photo is his testimony as he uttered Gainexbank a scam site.

Is scam?


This is a new hyip and most income program online always have different motive of launching such a website. I will advice you not to think of investing what you can not lose.

Users Review

Please, kindly write useful comments by including proofs.

This will help us identify a scam site more and save us time.


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