Fertex.biz Review | is Fertex.biz legit or Scam?

Fertex.biz Review | is Fertex.biz legit or Scam?

Fertex.biz Review | is Fertex.biz legit or Scam?

Fertex.biz Review | is Fertex.biz legit or Scam? | Fertex.biz investment plans | Fertex.biz Registration | How to Earn on Fertex.biz

Topgistextra.com warmly welcomes you to this great platform where you get to know the real truth behind most of the income programs in Nigerian, USA, Ghana, Kenya and other places around the world.

Today’s world is no doubt a place where everyone wants to get rich by making money through any means or which could be legit money or illegal money. Today, we bring to you another sensational and specular income review concerning a platform known as Fertex.biz investment

I know you must have heard about the program that’s why you are here. So, you want to know about Fertex.biz income and also Fertex.biz Review to understand what they are all about to avoid losing your money right?

If that’s why you are here, you do not have to panic anymore because we will give everything details you need about Fertex.biz review, Fertex registration, and many more.

But, don’t try skipping a part in this review. Make sure you read till the end to get the full gist.

Before I move to today’s review “Fertex.biz Review | is Fertex.biz legit or Scam?” Let everyone read this disclaimer below.


Disclaimer;Topgistextra.com is not being paid to write a review about Fertex.biz or is he trying to tarnish the image of this company.

I am only writing to educate people who wants to invest in any platform a general view of what the platform is and is not. Please, bear with Topgistextra if you found this article annoying.

About Fertex.biz | Fertex.biz review

Fertex.biz is an investment platform that combines all the most profitable ways to make money.

The secret of our success in the financial markets lies in the professionalism and experience of our employees.

We offer fast execution of orders, minimization of spreads and commissions, quick withdrawal of funds and account replenishment”

The quote above can be seen on the website as regard who Fertex.biz are and what they offer to their users.

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One thing about this platform is that they are high yield Investment program. And I believe you must have heard of them.

HYIP ;High Yield Investment program is a form of investment run that promises to double your invest within a specific time.

Note: They generate their profit mostly by using your investment to either trade in the money market or play bet games either in physical or online.

The date Fertex.biz domain was registered

Check below to find all the details associated with the domain, Fertex.biz

Name: fertex.biz

Registry Domain ID:

Domain Status: active




Registry Expiration: 2021-06-26 15:45:57 (UTC)
Updated: 2020-06-26 16:31:45
Created: 2020-06-26 15:45:57

Contact information

Registrant: Unavailable

Technical: Unavailable

Administrative: Unavailable

Billing: Unavailable

You can go use this website to find more details associated with the domain, Fertex.biz.

The domain name “Fertex.biz” was registered on the 26th june, 2020. This means that the domain is just 4 days as at the time this review was written.

Judging with the above fact, this income program is still new and this is because it is not yet up to 3 months.

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How does Fertex.biz work?

Fertex.biz is an investment platform with goals to make sure investor’s make high profit in just a short time of invest.

Joining this platform means you are ready to choose from Fertex.biz investment plans.

They have list of plans which you can choose from to start your invest and start making cool money while you sit or sleep at time.

Fertex.biz investment plans

The investment plans for Fertex.biz are as follows;

Start plan

Accural: 4.38% hourly
Total profit: 105% in 24 hours
Min and max invest: $10 – $50
Net profit: 5%

Medium plan

Accrual: 0.42% hourly
Total profit: 120% in 120 hours
Min and max invest: $51 –$100
Net profit: 50%

Business plan

Total profit: 250% in 240 hours
Min and max invest: $101 – $500
Net profit: 150%

The listed plans above are the investment plans for Fertex.biz which you can see on the homepage of the website. (See photo below)

Fertex.biz investment plans

How to Earn on Fertex.biz income program

Since it is an investment platform, the amount of your investment determines the profit you can make with the program. You can choose to make 0.42% hourly profit or 4.38% hourly profit. The investment of Fertex.biz which I have explained above will be a guide to your earning on the platform.

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Warning message for you and me

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. For the Lord God Almighty shall come like a thief in the night where no one knows.

At this conjunction, we can not say they have not sinned. Listen to this please “for all have sinned and come sort of the glory of God”. You don hear that one na abi?

Oya, repent today and be saved

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Fertex.biz Review (finalizing the review)

Topgistextra can not say much concerning Fertex.biz Review except from the information he has provided already.

The platform, Fertex.biz just 4 days old and we can not tagged them legit or fraud. Usually, website that are 3 months old are considered old domains.

Useful tips for online program or online businesses.

  • Before you buy something or register in a website. Always look out for the following.
  • Look properly to see that the site has “contact us” web page.
  • Do away with online shops or websites that uses free email provider or email registration without verification.
  • Check if the site has some information about it’s company (Address, history, name, country)
  • Also look out for “about us” or who the company is (are)
  • Analyze the Domain WHOIs Data information to discover information about the site owner.
  • Make sure you try as much as possible to figure out if they are English (or other language grammatical errors)
  • Never pay via credit card, you can use PayPal to make payment or purchase your goods (this is way easier to get refunds)
  • Try as much as possible to check if the website is certified by McAfee SECURE
  • Do not pay via credit-card, use PayPal instead (easier to get refunds)
  • Don’t enter sensitive or useful information on non-HTTPS pages ( this can cause u harm in the future)
  • Never you get carried away by low prices or free registration. If it looks too good to be real, make sure you pay attention.
  • Always Check if the site has a social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). This is where you can easily contact users that are already on the platform or desires to join the platform.
  • Try to always first contact the website owner via email and watch the language format he or she will use in responding to you. (You can easily detect Nigerian language, Ghanaian English, British English, American English and many other languages if you pay attention.
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Many scam websites have domains that end with uncommon and cheap TLDs.

Eg .xyz, tk.host and many uncommon cheap domains.

This additional check should help you make the right choice when it comes to online businesses and shops.

How to register on Fertex.biz | Fertex.biz registration

1. Go to the official website.
Click here to visit

2. Fill the form you will be given (e-mail, username, password, up line

3. Submit or click sign up

4. If you are asked to verify email, verify immediately

Just just the simple and easy way to carry out Fertex.biz registration


Now, you have found solution on “how to register on Fertex.biz “

Won’t you login to Fertex.biz after registration?

How to login to Fertex.biz income program

Pick your phone or laptop and the homepage
(Check above to see where to click to visit their home Page)

Enter all the details asked which you must have used during your Registration (email and correct password)

That’s just how to login to Fertex.biz income Program. Simple right?

Is Fertex.biz Legit

Is Fertex.biz Legit is what many will be asking as they want to know the truth behind every website before making their invest, but topgistextra can not say if this platform is legit or Not. What I know is that the platform seems to be paying.
Now, your question on whether Fertex.biz is legit is now answered

NB:you are advised to only invest what you can lose in a HYIP system. Topgistextra is not part of Fertex.biz nor does he have any relationship with the platform.

Is Fertex.biz scam?

Is Fertex.biz scam is what we can not say. We believe this platform is paying and we pray it continues to payout because the covid-19 no dey do anybody well in Nigeria.. So, if this platform pays and continue to pay, it will be a great changing world for most Nigerian and Africans since the payment system on Fertex.biz also included bitcoin, payeer.

Users’ Review

Please, kindly write useful comments by including proofs concerning “Fertex.biz Review | is Fertex.biz legit or Scam?” Or any other part type of similar websites.

This will help us identify a scam site more and save us time.

You can report any website you feel is scam to Topgistextra by clicking “WhatsApp topgistextra”


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