female student in Ebsu goes mad while Protesting

The day adjourned for EBSU protest over the recent GST scandal has finally come and hey, If you missed out in the protest i wan ask you why?

Well, for those of us that were their to exercise our right as EBSU students, I want to say a big thank you for your time and effort to ensuring that the school standard is met so that students can be proud of their school.

There were so many things that happened during the protest of which I will be gistining you gradually on Topgistextra. Some of the occurrences to be watched out for as the update will be coming are;

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1. EBSU female goes made while protesting as she screams out loud “V.C!!!”

2. EBSU SUG president got shut up as he tries addressing the angry students.

3. Deputy Governor addresses EBSU students and made a promise.

4. A female Ebsu student promises to use her 130k for school fees to play bet9ja if no amendment.

Wow, we’ve got plenty stories and gist this week ooo,  no just bother yourself much because I was live at the venue and I know how it all went.

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As you can see above, the more swagged students on the video is a female who after riding her back round the protest premises bursted into a crazy display as the sug president tries addressing the students.

She out of nowhere shouted with masculine tune “V.C!!!!!!!!!!!”. At first, I didn’t understand what she met by that but her emotions showed she doesn’t want to hear the voice of the student president rather than the voice of the school vice chancellor, in person of professor Chigozie Ogbu or the State Governor, Engr. Dave Umahi.

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