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Faucet.claims Review | Free Bitcoin Faucet











Faucet.claims Review | Free Bitcoin Faucet | How to get free Bitcoin instantly | Free satoshi through free crypto Faucets and many more.

Have you ever heard of Free Bitcoin faucet or heard anything about Free Satoshi which a platform like Faucet.claims, claims to be offering.

Stay through in this review to find out if it is actually possible to earn free satoshi from this platform.

Meanwhile, I did a review about an Estate few days ago, Rexinvestment you may check that out if you are interested in estate development and investment.

I discovered that many people are interested in how to get free bitcoins instantly and then I begin to wonder, is there free bitcoin?. I could remember when Bitcoin went high in 2018, many people were so interested in it because bitcoin has been predicted to be a new dawn for the global world to enrich themselves.

Perhaps, today is your first time of hearing bitcoin, faucet , satoshi or free bitcoin wallet, do not worry, I will take my time to quickly explain what they mean so it you won’t be confused as we go on with this faucet.claims review.

Meaning of Free bitcoin wallet and Free Satoshi.

Free satoshiFree satoshi means getting or gathering unit of bitcon free without you having to spend money for it.

This is one of the thing most crypto faucet website offers though one can easily buy Bitcoin from platforms that offers it.

Free Bitcoin walletFree Bitcoin wallet means creating an account that allows you to receive and send Bitcoin or Satoshi without you having to pay for the creation of the account.

Platforms like coinbase, blockchain, luno,  localbitcoins, Binance etc offers such services and they are well known and reputable in their services.

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You can click here to get a free Bitcoin wallet

Insight on what Bitcoin is | what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin – a decentralized digital currency that allows instant payments to anyone, anywhere within the world.

Bitcoin make use of peer-to-peer technology to work with no central authority. This means that transaction management and money issuance are administered collectively by the network and not by human manipulation.

The Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded during a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of individuals using the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open-source software in 2009.

Bitcoins are created as a gift for a process referred to as mining (the process of replicate Bitcoin through a software known as miners) they will be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services.

Research produced by the University of Cambridge estimated that in 2017, there have been 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users embracing a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.

The bitcoin blockchain may be a public ledger that records bitcoin transactions. it’s implemented as a sequence of blocks, each block containing a hash of the previous barricade to the genesis block of the chain.

Just like i had earlier said, network of communicating nodes running bitcoin software is responsible for the maintains the of the blockchain and not mere humans.

Transactions of the shape payer X sends Y bitcoins to payee Z are broadcast to the present network using readily available software applications.

Disclaimer; Topgistextra.com is not being paid to write a review about Faucet.claims or is he trying to stain the image of this company/platform.

I am only writing to educate people who wants to invest in any platform a general view of what the platform is and is not.

Please, bear with Topgistextra if you found this article annoying. Thanks.

About Faucet.claims

Faucet.claims is a platform that promises to offer its users 1 – 10 satoshi every 1 minute. This means that users of the platform are allowed to claim satoshi at least one in every minute.

The platform seems to be providing free satoshi which is the lower unit of Bitcoin.

This means that faucet.claims are freecrypto Faucets that allows faucet users to receive payment on their faucet wallet before transferring to their main cryptocurrency wallet.

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Faucet.claims Domain information | Who is Faucet.claims

Below is the information I found associated with the domain, Faucet.claims.

Name: faucet.claims
Internationalized Domain Name: faucet.claims

Registry Domain ID: 478f0ed9a857486c91b37a424567c437-DONUTS

Domain Status:


Registry Expiration: 2021-05-02
Updated: 2020-05-07
Created: 2020-05-02


Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
Mailing Address: Panama, PA

Above is the information associated with the domain name faucet.claims.

Thanks to Alexa, I found out the domain has a Domain authority of 13 and page authority of 23 and also, the platform has been receiving back links from one of the top faucet website known as faucetpay.io.

Faucet.claims Review | Free Bitcoin Faucet

This crypto Faucet website known faucet.claims allows faucet users to claim satoshi and transfer to their faucet wallet account before finally sending to their main cryptocurrency wallet account.

According to lookup, the domain was created on the 02/05/2020 and would expire on 02/05/2020.

This means that at the time of writing this review, the domain, faucet.claims is 2months old and some days.

This means that the website is still new, usually, a website is considered old if it has stayed for 3 months or more.

Note; I am not the admin. I am only writing a review.

How to start | Faucet.claims Registration

  • To register on faucet.claims, you must have a faucet wallet account. Click here to create one if you do not have one.
  • One you have your bitcoin wallet address from faucetfly.com or faucetpay.io or other faucet platforms that allows storing of claims, you can copy out your btc address.
  • Go to faucet.claims and insert your wallet address.
  • Solve the provide captcha to proof you are not a Robot.
  • You can now start claiming free satoshi every minute.

Go to faucet.claims through this link https://faucet.claims/ref/1HgC5UxFUUXGuTT7pVh1FjqQrLEaGquLYE

How to earn more on Faucet.claims


You can earn from the faucet claims which is every 1 minute


You can also buy ticket and play lottery to win more satoshi. A ticket cost 1 satoshi and the more ticket you buy, the more chances of becoming a winner.

Note; you can lose in the lottery. You can stick with the free bitcoin faucet claim only.


The offerwall also provides a means of earning more through free crypto Faucet.

The offerwall has many free bitcoin earning sites where you can earn more by visiting more free faucet websites to earn, watch videos to earn and perform other services like advertising your products and services too.

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You will earn 50% of your referred earnings. This means that if you invite someone and the person earns 100000 satoshi, you will earn 50000 satoshi too.

Faucet.claims Minimum investment

There is no minimum investment attached to this website.

Also note that in faucet it is known as free faucet or free crypto Faucets. There is usually no investment in many faucet websites

Minimum withdrawal

You can withdraw any amount, but to your faucet wallet account first.

Payment proofs from faucet.claims

The photos below are Payment proofs found online from most of the users in faucet.claims.

Faucet.claims Review | Free Bitcoin Faucet



Free bitcoin earning sites, how to get free Bitcoins instantly, free satoshi payment

Testimony from existing users

Some of the users of the platform are excited about the website ever since they started paying. Their comments are in the picture below.

Free crypto Faucets, free Bitcoin wallet holder, freebitcoin.in

Is faucet.claims legit?

Is faucet.claims legit is a very good question from you.

This platform is believed to be paying as at the time this article/review was written.

There has been lot of payment proofs concerning them and I believe they have no plan of stopping with their payments

Is faucet.claims scam?

Is faucet.claims scam? Is a very nice question and I don’t think they have scammed anyone.


Faucet website is now rampant in today’s society and most of them have been proven to be scam scheme. Though we have lot of good ones among them and I believe faucet.claims is that one that is come to stay.

With faucet.claims, you can claim free satoshi because it is a free bitcoin Faucet. Though there are other free Bitcoin earning sites like freebitcoin.in and many more which provides Free crypto Faucet so people seeking for how how to get free Bitcoins instantly. I believe my article on “Faucet.claims Review | Free Bitcoin Faucet” is what you have been searching for.

User’s Review

Do you think this faucet website is fraud?

Please, kindly write helpfull comments by including proofs.

This will aid us in identifying scam sites more and save us time.

You can report any website you feel is scam to Topgistextra by clicking “WhatsApp topgistextra”

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