EBSU Students Fainted As A Result Of GST Exam

Good day wonderful people in Ebonyi and across the state. Truly, yesterday been 10th February, 2021 was an easy day as more than 5 Ebsu students were confirmed to have fainted in Ebonyi state university due to the ongoing G.S.T examination.

EBSU Students Fainted As A Result Of GST Exam

Meanwhile, if you are newly admitted into the institution, it would be of your best interest to learn and understand EBSU GST Exam as I had earlier discussed on how you can pass the exams without much stress.

Like I had earlier said it wasn’t funny at all. That yesterday, I was in my lodge trying to force myself to read and understand one G.S.T text titled “Entrepreneur studies” having the course code G.S.T 201.

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That was how I started get updating of students fainting, students dying and some pregnant students were giving birth.. To be frank, e no really dey funny.

Although many blogs (Instablog 9ja and others) confirmed about 4 student to have died due to the incidence but this morning, we are getting a fresh updated report that the fainted students have all risen away.

Many are yet to confirm what may have led to the fainting and dying of a thing in the school. Do not worry as topgistextra.com will gist you with the real cause of the situation.

According to concrete information gathered from a reliable source, a doctor in Ebonyi state. I asked him since he is a friend of mine what may have caused people to faint and he said…

“There are many factors to be considered when such a thing happens. Removing spiritual occurrences from it. You know the state, Ebonyi state is a very harsh environment. There is heat everywhere, sun from morning till night even your house wall is like fire during night and the fan when turned on from 10am till 2am is always like a furnace”.

“As a result, people with AS and SS blood group finds it difficult to stay in a environment where there is heat and always there are some of them who are selective such as not staying in a crowded environment and the rest. All these added has high effect on the health status of people”

Well, this morning, EBSU students have called themselves together to move to permsite and protest over the happening in the school such as lack of adequate facilities, lack of computers for students to take their General studies examination, high school payment and high number of students failing the course after purchasing, doing and submitting their assignments.

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Stay tune as I update you with the latest update as regard the scandal in full. Remain bless and voice your voice and don’t forget to make money .

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