EBSU GST – How To Pass EBSU GST With High Grades.

EBSU GST – How To Pass EBSU GST With High Grades.

EBSU GST – How To Pass EBSU GST With High Grades.

EBSU GST – How To Pass EBSU GST With High Grades | EBSU GST Registration | Ebonyi state university courses | EBSU post UTME

Welcome to topgistextra portal, an educational and informative blog that updates you with all you need and I believe you are searching for EBSU GST or something related.

Do not worry if you are a fresher or yet to be admitted. Whatever you are feeling or thinking now is something I personally have come across and I have been able to conquer it.

Though the current global pandemic, covid-19 is affecting Nigeria education and also some other countries own but I want to gist you this is not going to last Forever.

I believe you are reading for your upcoming exams. Yes, don’t be surprised because no matter what, you must write examination. If you haven’t been reading for your post UTME, WAEC Exam or NECO, I urge you to do so because there is no time for play.

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This article is only for educative and informative purpose. And as such, I beseech anyone who may see this article as it is not.

Information contained in this article are all at free disposals, though I am not an admin nor a stuff in EBSU, but I am a student who has passed through what I am writing.

Let’s go the business of the day “EBSU GST – How To Pass EBSU GST With High Grades”

But wait,

Are you new in Ebonyi state university or you are an existing students?

If you are new, G.S.T is one thing you must not joke with. Why?

I will tell you everything and give you a sharp secret on how to pass EBSU GST with high grades without paying money to anybody.

What is EBSU GST – The subject matter

EBSU GST is among the Ebonyi state university courses which every student of the school must pass in order to graduate from his or her program degree.

Yes, this means that if you fail to pass any of your EBSU GST course, you will never get your leaving certificate even if you manages to pass all your departmental courses.

Are you with me?

Now, unto you the new students, after you must have written your EBSU post UTME exam, gained admission into the university and Welcomed fully as a confirmed students, you will start going for classes right?

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In those classes you have been going to, there must be a particular one where you and other people from other departments will be joined. That class is likely to be EBSU GST Class.

Warning: Do not take the class as a child’s play. The class may look easy especially when the lecturer is dictating the same book you must have bought.

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EBSU GST courses for Year 1 students (social sciences)

In 2018/2019 EBSU academic session, the following EBSU GST courses for year 1 students was recommended by the school.

  • G.S.T 101 – Use of English
  • G.S.T 102 – Philosophy & Logic
  • G.S.T 103 – Nigerian peoples and culture
  • G.S.T – Igbo language (2020 new introduction)

Then second semester

  • G.S.T 104 – History of Philosophy (A.k.A science for man)
  • G.S.T 107 – Use of English II

EBSU post UTME – When is EBSU post UTME exam?

EBSU post UTME is just like other universities exams which you take after your UTME examination.

Though for some year’s now EBSU Post UTME exam has not been on hold. We expected one this year but due to this pandemic, I have little or less information concerning EBSU post UTME exam.

I still will advice you to read for your post UTME whether your are a student of Ebonyi state university or not.

EBSU GST – How To Pass EBSU GST With High Grades.

Below is a tip on how to pass EBSU GST with high Grades

  1. EBSU GST Registration
  2. EBSU GST time
  3. Buy recommended G.S.T materials
  4. Attend Class at due time
  5. Read the text, practice what you learnt
  6. Skip parties and some unserious friends
  7. Write your EBSU GST course Exam only
  8. Mind your business in the hall
  9. Submit your exam
  10. Be optimistic and do not be weighed down.

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EBSU G.S.T is not hard and this article on how to pass EBSU G.S.T with high grades will do you more good as I go on with the explanation on how to pass EBSU G.S.T with High Grades.

EBSU GST Registration.

Now, do you know you can not pass EBSU GST examination even if you are the most intelligent student without you registering EBSU GST courses among your other courses.

Yes, this comes with the fact that you do not only need to register your GST courses, but you must also be careful why registering the course.

Of a truth, you have to go to a nearby cyber cafe to register your semester courses, but you must stay close to the person registering it to make sure the course code tallies with the course title.

So, after registering your course what next?


Yes, must have registered your GST courses, now you must note the common time the GST exam comes up mostly.

According to EBSU calendar, EBSU G.S.T usually come last among other exams you will be reading for the semester.

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The reason for this is that, the G.S.T is a computer based test and as such, the school would want it to go once so that year 1 would have their centre, year 2 different centre etc.

Buy recommended G.S.T materials

I believe during your waec exam, you made use of the recommended material right?

Yeah, same applied here, you have to buy the recommended text during your preparation to take EBSU post UTME exam and also the same once your are fully into the school register.

The recommended text will keep you focused and as such, would make you concentrate on the area the school will test you.

Note: many will come to your lecture Hall selling different types of book such as philosophy without tears, G.s.t sure A, English language v.1 and many others.

I advice you buy the school text and leave the compressed ones out. I called it compressed because they are incomplete and deficient. No short cut to success.

Attend classes at due time

Now you have found how to pass EBSU GST with high Grades and attending classes is part of it. Will i stop going to churches, parties and other events just to attend G.S.T classes?

If that’s the best way to pass your exams, yes, skip every other thing, but don’t ever skip EBSU GST classes or other course classes for no relevant reason.

The problem is you don’t how it feels when G.S.T opens hand for you to write again during your final year. So, do everything possible to always attend the classes.

Read the text, practice what you have learnt

I believe you are not among the category of people who buys book for buying seek or you must have heard that the EBSU GST coordinator’s awards mark to those who buys the text.

Sister, brother remove that mentality and read the text that cost you N7100 – N9000. Pity your sponsors (Parents/Guardians) by reading the text.

Reading the book will give you more understanding of what you must have learnt in the class and also, attending the class will give you more understanding of what you have read.

Are you listening to me? I don’t what you to just read this, but I want you to use your mind and connect to the power of what you are reading.

Skip parties and some unserious friends

See, everything is not from your village. I have heard people say things like “my village people must be at all”

Sometimes, it is your friends and parties that are at work and you mistook them for your trouble less village people.

You want to pass your exams, you want to attend parties, you want to keep distractious friends. How are you going to do that?

What I want you to learn here is “How to pass EBSU GST with high Grades and also pass your departmental courses whether your friends like it or not.

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Write your EBSU GST course Exam only

“Henry, could you write my GST exam for N10,000. I will give you N5,000 in advance”

Lol, just run from your life. I remembered what my mentor told me a certain time “The day you write exam for someone in this school, you seize from receiving advise from me”

Then you may be wondering why you are not allowed to write exam for someone despite your intelligences.


The reason is that it is a destiny destroyer and aside from that, if you are caught during the act, you may be expelled or suspended. You don’t really know the meaning “expel and suspend” in Ebonyi state university, but I pray I will be chanced to write about it.

Mind your business in the hall

What’s your business in the exam hall? To write your GST exam during EBSU GST time abi?

Then you must maintain that business if you do not want to cry had I know.

In fact, don’t turn about once you are in for your exams and also, if you have a disturbing friend that doesn’t read during or before exam, just avoid entering the GST exam hall with the person.

This is just to avoid been implicated which may cost you to fail your exams.

Submit your exam

Why did I include this here as how to pass EBSU GST? See the reason in the next line.

Your system may develop fault if you finish up without submitting.

You may mistakenly cancel your screen display due to over happiness or annoyance.

Just submit your exam once you finish with the questions or you don’t want to pass the exam?

10. Be optimistic and do not be weighed down.

Have you ever written an exam and then a friend from no where comes in to tell you that the answer to no.5 is A not C which u choose?

When you receive such news, do you feel happy? Okay. This is what you will do when you write your exam.

Leave the exam hall with happy face, thank God for the wisdom and knowledge, next is for you to head home and read for your next paper. Abi is too hard for you to do?

Final Thought

Like I have said before, this article “EBSU GST – How To Pass EBSU GST With High Grades” is favourably for those who are fresher’s in the school.

Though old students can make use of it, but most of the information provided about EBSU GST Registration, time and many of the provided tips on how to pass EBSU GST exam is believed to have been known by old students.

I hope this article does good to your life especially in academic aspect. I am happy you are able to read this to the end.

Feel free to drop any comment relating to EBSU GST or anything under education in the comment box below.

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