HDFC Bank in India – complete Overview

money card business credit card 50987 820x360 - HDFC Bank in India – complete Overview

India is a very beautiful place as private and public sector are trying their possible best for people living in India to enjoy their banking and a banking company like HDFC Bank has got most  people in India covered as it has over 5,326 branches and more than 14,900 ATMs spread across 2,825 cities and towns since it set up way back in 1994.

money card business credit card 50987 - HDFC Bank in India – complete Overview

Today, I welcome you to my blog and I feel you are comfortable on this page because you will get all the right information you will be needing about HDFC bank, a private sector bank in India. I do not know if you are having trouble logging to your walmartone paystub account. If yes, you can now successfully log in with the steps provided in my review. Go check that out.

Overview of the Company

HDFC Bank is one of India’s leading private banks and was among the first bank to get approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a private sector bank in the year 1994.

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According to HDFC Bank, they now have banking network of 5,326 branches and 14,996  ATMs spread across 2,825 cities and towns which is a great figure and a charmy one.

HDFC Bank Limited, an Indian banking and financial services company which has it headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has a base of 1,04,154 permanent employees as of 30 June 2019 statistic. This bank is not just one of the largest but the largest bank sector in India

Wikipedia has it that it has Total assets: ₹1,580,830.44 crore (US$220 billion) (2020) and Total equity: ₹175,810.38 crore (US$25 billion) (2020)
Why the Founder is: Hasmukhbhai Parekh Nx has a Number of employees: 104,154 (30 June 2019).

Businesses and services offered by HDFC Bank

Here, we will take a look at the kind of services which this company provides for it customers such as home loan, housing loan and many others. Basically we will be looking at the top services offered by HDFC Bank in India.

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Retail Banking

Which this company, you can start banking too as the owner of the bank set up. How does this happen? HDFC Bank provides a diverse range of financial products and banking services to customers through a growing branch and digital channels, and ATM network such as Netbanking, mobile banking and Phonebanking.
So, if you are thinking of creating a small bank for your banking services and transactions then you may just have to contact HDFC Bank to know their requirements for retail banking.

Wholesale Banking

Their  services include trade services, working capital finance, transactional services, and cash management. How is this possible? HDFC Bank offers a wide gamut of transactional and commercial banking services to businesses and organizations of various sizes.


Under their treasury services, HDFC Bank help businesses generate better returns on their funds and manage financial risk. The company focuses on three main product areas to achieve their treasury services such as: foreign exchange and derivatives, local currency money market and debt securities, and equities

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As you can see above, the services provided by the bank company is made known to you and I believe you now know some of the services provided by the this company. You can also check out features of HDFC Bank as I had written about it.


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