Citytrend Confesses of Seyi Vibez whereabout

IMG 20201030 152219 copy 400x400 400x360 - Citytrend Confesses of Seyi Vibez whereabout

My assertion of seyi vibez been hidden by citytrend could just stop there as I dug deeper to find out the actual truth which I know you must be so anxious to hear, but wait, seyi vibez Biography is not known to you and you are not even aware why I have tagged him a music God!? You should better find out before we have issues because I have soro soke, it is now left to you to ka soke 💪.

IMG 20201030 152219 copy 400x400 - Citytrend Confesses of Seyi Vibez whereabout

Oh dear seyi vibez lover’s, you won’t believe all citytrendtv said as regard whereabout of this artiste. I had the conversation recorded, but my blog is refusing the upload, but if you want tk listen up, you can easily WhatsApp Topgistextra and get the audio.

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The conversation in text goes thus ‘the voice of citytrend’

You are wrong ooo. I post his songs more than naijaloaded and others due to I have connection with seyi vibez producer. So, basically, I post his songs because it brings traffic (views) to my blog, and as per how he makes his money, I think he goes to shows secretly and also most of songs are on digital platforms. @Seyi_vibez retweeting my post on Twitter, you just have to be careful as I am not in connection with the art,and I also don’t know there was a retweet.

It was after the phone conversation that he replied my WhatsApp text message. You can see what he said too in picture below

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Screenshot 20201030 165122 copy 400x400 - Citytrend Confesses of Seyi Vibez whereabout

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