Bloodshot Movie reviews | Van Diesel an Immortal God

Have you been hearing of Bloodshot and you are wondering is bloodshot good or bad movie, is vin Diesel an immortal God.

Bloodshot Movie reviews | Van Diesel an Immortal God

And you, who is  reading this post is also having a thought within you like “is bloodshot worth watching.

You may not need to bother yourself about that. Just take a Bottle of chilled water and get yourself some popcorn while we take you on Bloodshot movie review and also tell you why we feel vin diesel an immortal God.

I know you can’t wait to get the whole story, but you who may have watched this movie either in cinema, Netflix or you have watched Bloodshot trailer, don’t have yourself worried, you can still get important information about Bloodshot 2020 movie if only you can read through.

Hey, before we give you a Wonderful summary of the Bloodshot 2020, we would like to show some Cast in bloodshot 2020, crew in Bloodshot movie, and some other details about the movie.

Bloodshot cast and crew

Blood shot 2020 movie has about 19 cast who are very important in the movie production. You may want to look at Bloodshot cast below.

Bloodshot cast and crew


Vin Diesel
Ray Garrison / Bloodshot, Producer
Eiza González
Sam Heughan
Acts as Corporal Harlan ‘So Long’ Shifflet 
Toby Kebbell
Acts as Axe
Talulah Riley
Lamorne Morris
Acts as Wilfred Wigans
Guy Pearce
Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson
Acts as Nick Baris 
Alex Hernandez
Siddharth Dhananjay
Acts as Eric
Tamer Burjaq
Acts as Mombasa Gunman 
Patrick Kerton
Acts as Truck Driver
Ryan Kruger
Acts as British Man 
Alex Anlos
Acts as Barris Merc, Casting
Maarten Romer
Acts as Tech
Jeremy Boado
Acts as Tech #2 
Clyde Berning
Acts as Mombasa Hostage
Tyrel Meyer
Acts as Merc 2 
Michael Kirch
Acts as German Man 

Having seen some of the top cast in Bloodshot 2020 movie, you may want to look at some of the crew in bloodshot. Check out bloodshot crew below.


David S.F. Wilson


Aaron Eaton

Visual Effects Supervisor

Aaron McGriff


Alex Anlos

Barris Merc, Casting

Allen Jo

Stunts Coordinator

Anton Brand


Beau Borders

Re-Recording Mixer 

Bob Kellough

Sound Effects Editor

Bob Layton

From Comic Book by, Screen Story 

Bob Layton

From Comic Book by, Screen Story 

Bonnie Lee Bouman


Brett Hirson

Set Designer

Buddy Patrick

Executive Producer 

Celene McDowell

Set Designer

Cheryl Eatock

Line Producer 

Chris Harvey

Visual Effects Supervisor 

Christa Schoeman

Department Head Hair, Makeup Designer 

Christa Schoeman

Department Head Hair, Makeup Designer 

Cordell McQueen

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Special Effects Supervisor

Dan Mintz

Executive Producer 

David I. Werntz

Sound Effects Editor 

David Mimran

Executive Producer 

Diana Grande


Dinesh Shamdasani


Don Perlin

From Comic Book by, Screen Story 

Don Perlin

From Comic Book by, Screen Story 

Eric Heisserer


Grant Hulley

Stunts Coordinator 

Greg tenBosch

Sound Effects Editor 

Hamilton Sterling

Sound Effects Editor 

J.J. Perry

Stunts Coordinator 

Jacques Jouffret


James Muringani

Production Supervisor 

Jason Kothari

Executive Producer, Producer 

Jason Kothari

Executive Producer, Producer

Jeff Wadlow

Screen Story, Screenwriter 

Jeff Wadlow

Screen Story, Screenwriter 

Jérôme Escobar

CG Supervisor 

Jim May


Jim Raubenheimer


John Papsidera


Jonathan Gray

Executive Producer 

Jordan Schur

Executive Producer

Julian Slater

Supervising Sound Editor 

Kevin VanHook

From Comic Book by, Screen Story 

Kimberly A. Tillman

Costume Designer 

Laszlo Termeg

Visual Effects 

Louis G. Friedman

Executive Producer 

Marike Liebetrau


Mark Strome

Executive Producer


Matt Antoun

Executive Producer 

Matthew Rhodes

Executive Producer 

Maurice Fadida

Executive Producer 

Michele Barfoot

Set Decorator 

Michelle Cote

Department Head Hair 

Moray McGregor

Art Director

Nadia Paine

Unit Production Manager 

Neal H. Moritz


Nick Erdos


Nico Louw

Sound Mixer 

Paul N.J. Ottosson

Re-Recording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor 

Paul N.J. Ottosson

Re-Recording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor 

Paul Pieterse

Special Effects Coordinator

Philane Ndaba

Production Coordinator

Philip Stapelberg

Costumes Supervisor 

Ruslan Borysov

Visual Effects Supervisor

Sarah Schroeder-Matzkin

Executive Producer 

Simon Lamont

Supervising Art Director 

Stephanie Clerkin

Set Designer

Steve Jablonsky

Composer (Music Score) 

Steve Matzkin

Executive Producer 

Stewart Probert

Production Manager 

Toby Jaffe


Tom Brown

Production Designer

Troy Robinson

Stunts Coordinator 

Tyler Hall

Stunts Coordinator 

Tyler Thompson

Executive Producer 

Tyrell Kemlo

Special Effects Coordinator 

Vin Diesel

Ray Garrison / Bloodshot, Producer 

Vincent Lascoumes

First Assistant Director

Yvel Guichet

Screen Story

I believe you found one or two of your favourite movie star in either in list of Bloodshot cast or bloodshot crew. Well, as for me, I found van diesel an immortal God.

Now, answering your question which is “is bloodshot worth watching” and also, is Bloodshot good or bad movie.

I will not say bloodshot is worth watching nor bloodshot good or bad.

Just as they say that a man’s poison may be another’s food.

Now, I will give you details about Bloodshot 2020 movie and you could draw your conclusion on whether Bloodshot is good or bad movie to be watched this year.

Details of Bloodshot 2020

Some important details of Bloodshot 2020 are just below for you.

Genres: Action | Drama |Sci-fi 

Duration: 1h 49min

Release Date:13 March, 2020

Language: English, Persian

Country of origin: U.S.A, China

Filming locations: Cape town, South Africa

Publisher: Valiant comics

Box Office


$45,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend USA:

$9,176,695 15 March 2020

Gross USA:


Cumulative Worldwide Gross:


Bloodshot Production companies

Below are the production companies of Bloodshot movie.

  • Columbia pictures
  • Cross creek pictures
  • Original film
  • One Race film
  • Polybona films
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From the details above, we want you to judge yourself “is Bloodshot good or bad movie and also ” is bloodshot worth watching ”

I already know your answer.

Care to read the summary of Bloodshot 2020?

O yes, I know you wanna do that.

Summary of Bloodshot 2020 movie

The development of Bloodshot film first began way back in 2012 and valiant comics are fully responsible as they stand as the publisher of Bloodshot.

Bloodshot is generic to a fault with things proceeding in a very mundane manner and some very questionable character choices.

The story has an interesting premise that the film makers spend too little time in building up and quickly divulges its twist which makes everything proceeding after a very straight forward revenge flick.

Every character does not feel fleshed and are laughable archetypes. You have the hard as nails good guy, the good hearted female side kick, the bully who has a crush on the female and an insane amount of hatred towards the hero, the witty computer nerd and then you have the selfish bad guy.

Nothing of these characters have any real backstory or anything remotely interesting about them.

Vin Diesels revenge for his girlfriend is never fully developed for you to care about her demise so his rampage feels hollow.

First of Vin Diesel is pretty much playing Vin Diesel an immortal God and is not much of the character he goes through the motions of pain, anger and heroics as you have come to expect from the man who has been playing himself from Fast and Furious.

Lamorne Morris as the nerd throws in so many supposedly witty liners but none of it hits the mark and it soon becomes grating.

The abilities bestowed upon the other characters are questionable, you have a guy who is blinded but enhanced with sonar vision, an amputee imbued with robotic legs and the most useless of them all is the ability to regulate breathing all useless in comparison to Vin Diesels super strength and regenerative ability.

The ever reliable Guy Pearce is effective but his character is bland and his trust towards his lacky KT is debatable considering she has shown on countless occasions that she is no longer loyal.

Action wise it’s pretty standard affair with very little in the way of creativity or excitement.

The tunnel assassination looked visually pleasing and started off very intriguing as Bloodshot was in predatory state but it just devolved into a series of slow motion shots of some very generic kicks and punches.

The chase through London was also very monotonous with nothing particularly exciting and its misconception of England is laughable showcasing 2 police officers sitting in a police vehicle snacking and then Bloodshot approaches the vehicle and pulls out the police officers rifle and fires away, from what I understand is that in the UK on the beat officers don’t carry automatic rifles.

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The finale is an underwhelming affair as Bloodshot storms the base of the villain and fights the Doc Oc rip off, the fight itself has slight moments of interest and as the combatants free falls from an elevator shaft fighting each other it is impressive but that is very shorts lived.

In fact the most impressive fight comes in the form of Eiza González’s KT character who has a very quick fight with some henchmen which showcases some nice choreography but it ends as soon as it starts.

The film is visually impressive, it’s a visual treat seeing Diesels face get blown.

Having read the Summary of Bloodshot, I know you are still not satisfied and right now, those ho haven’t watched the movie Bloodshot are thinking of where to download it and enjoy it to the fullest, but relax.

I will tell you where and what you need to do first before thinking of downloading Bloodshot 2020 movie to your personal and home viewing.

Watch Bloodshot movie trailer first to have an idea of how interesting the movie seems to be. If you have watched before. You can watch once more

Bloodshot movie

I hope you watched bloodshot trailer and you have found interesting. Now, you may wish to watch Bloodshot full movie to watch.

Wait first before you download a pirated movie of Bloodshot or the duplicate.

Do you know that a budget of $45,000,000 was popped in to produce Bloodshot 2020 and the movie in less than 6months of release has made about $10,000,000 (USA & Canada) and $20.1 million from other territories. That means it made made about $30.1 million against a production budget of $45million.

You can help this movie by buying it from Amazon.

Click here to buy or Bloodshot on Amazon

If you a fan of vin Diesel immortal God you need to watch this movie right now. If you found buying the movie from Amazon, you can quickly go to Netflix to watch Bloodshot 2020 full

As you can see above, all I did was to type “Bloodshot” and Netflix brought a list of Bloodshot movies in their platform, but bloodshot by Vin diesel trends more and that’s why you must watch this wonderful movie.

I have been discussing Bloodshot Movie 2020 reviews Van Diesel an Immortal God and I gave you lot of vital details about this wonderful science fiction movie including where to buy it at low cost and also where to watch instantly which I provided Netflix as the best quick platform to watch Bloodshot 2020 full movie.

I believe this article is useful and you can drop your comment to know your opinion.

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