Biography of Kabir Abubakar Mustapha

Kabir Abubakar Mustapha popularly know as Zymaney ak.a Azaman A.K.A Aza, was born in Suleja, Niger state in year 1999, and was brought up in Kaduna state, he happens to be an HAUSA by Tribe, and his father is from Niger state and the mother, from Zaria

Biography of Kabir Abubakar Mustapha

He  found passion in music since he was 10 years old and his major inspiration are DAVIDO, ICE PRINCE, AND OXLADE. To kabir Abubakar, those stars have really made a big impact in the music industry and he really love to met then one day. Listening to their music gives give him joy and it inspired him to do more on his musical Career.

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Why He Is Called Zymaney

When asked for the Meaning of his stage name, he claimed he is a fan of ice prince, Zamani. Listen to his words in quote below;

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Why abukabar mustapha is Called Zymaney

Naturally my love for ice prince zamani is so high, so this make my friends to label me with one of his name ZAMANI, so the name goes viral among my friends in such a way that I couldn’t change it so I accept the name, for me to different I changed the spelling to Zymaney so that is how my stage name was originated.

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