Biggest Goals & Dreams For Most People In Nigeria 2020

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Biggest Goals & Dreams For Most People In Nigeria 2020

Biggest Goals & Dreams | Goals and Dreams 2020 | How set Goals in 2020 | Nigerians Dream in 2020

Every person has a dream but one thing is certain and that remains that not everyone has a set of goals which they want to accomplish. I assure you, you will certain have a goal to look forward to accomplishing before the end of this article.

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Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Nigeria and the world at large expresses how frustrating they have to live their marital, business and social life in 2020, but regardless of this, a strongly held dream become a goal and when it reaches a goal level, it become a hard die thing.

One thing that distinguishes a dream from a goal is because the latter is a higher thought level compared to the former which I can easily say it is just the peripheral thought or emotions.

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For this to be clear, it would be so nice to look the meaning of “Goal and Dream” in a quickest and understanding format for any man.

What Then Is A Dream?

A Dream is a succession/continuous thoughts, imaginations or feelings which passes through the mind of a living.

To make a thought different from a dream, dream has to go on and on while ordinary thoughts may just come to your mind and the disappears again.

Also, dream are held by the living. This is because only the living can keep of dreaming to be a doctor, only a living can think of setting a goal.

What Then Is A Goal?

A goal is a projected affairs or a systematic plan actions’ which a living hope to accomplish after a thorough dream.

First, you must understand that it a projected like a project hoping to attain. Also, you must understand that it is a systematic planned actions.

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In goal, there is action to the plans unlike in dreams which may just a mere thought.

Now, what level are you in attaining a happy life in 2020. Is it that of dream level or that of goal level just as I had explained to you.

Recently, I was going through my Facebook feeds and I saw how good hearted most people are and how many wants to succeed in life, but our society keeps changing (Social changes) and we can not omit societal worries (Social Problems) from it.

I see that many of you reading this article has a dream and goal to accomplish and many for sure after reading through this will surely embrace at least a goal if they had none before.

Let’s quickly look at peoples goal and dream in 2020 both in Nigeria and across regardless of the covid-19 what so ever.

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Biggest Goals & Dreams For Most People In Nigeria 2020

  • Achieve Freedom
  • Financial freedom in life
  • Peaceful life with Financial Freedom
  • Building of Big company and inspiring people
  • Provide Homes to homeless people.

For clearer understanding and home take, we shall explain these ambition which is most people in the society for the year 2020 holds.

Achieve Freedom

In 2020, most people dream of achieving Freedom. When it comes to freedom, it is quite knowing that they are different types of Freedom, but specifically in 2020, most people want financial freedom.

Freedom to most people is being free from other peoples command and this means getting ones independent of standing out on different line from the former.

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To backup the claim of people wanting to achieve freedom, take covid-19 as a case study and you will agree with me that the effect on human for this year is a big one, but regardless of that, people strives so hard to embark on online businesses, people are still buying houses, building houses.

All these are to emphasis on their claim of wanting Freedom. Do note that Freedom means lot of things to different people, but specifically in this line, it focuses more in achieving that big goal.

Financial Freedom in life

No doubt, most of us wants to be financially free in life and it is a dream to some people and a goal to some people. This is because some people already dreamt and are now in goal achieving level.

To be financially free, it means to have enough to spend. One who is financially free can at least put meal on the table three times daily.

Peaceful life with financial freedom

Is there Anyone that doesn’t like peace? If there is any, then the person is to be considered a war lord, but mind you, warriors fight for peace.

To live a financial freedom life is different from a peaceful life. This is because one with peaceful life may not have financial freedom and vice versa.

Now, to the level of the two, peaceful life can be without financial freedom and financial freedom can exist without peaceful life.

But in 2020 for most people in Nigeria and across the globe, they have the dream and goal of living a peaceful life with financial freedom.

Building of Big company and inspiring people

Are the among the set of people that have the desire, thought and zeal of building a company this year?

If you are one, just know you have many people that are also seeking, searching and also doing anything possible to meet up with their dreams.

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In regardless of how covid-19 pandemic has and is turning things around, you should understand that many people wants to erect big company that will fetch them money so as to be boss on their money.

Meanwhile, majority of people who wants to build company in Nigeria in 2020 are looking forward to inspiring younger people to pursue their dream of owing company.

Provide Homes to homeless people.

No matter how bad a society is, they are still some part that are largely rich and can provide for the less privileged.

The homeless are not just to be cared for, but some people have the belief, zeal and goal of building houses for homeless individual.

This is not just because of anything attached but for the fact that the less privileged in financial status and other status of life has to be cared for in any way possible.

So, many people in this 2020 has a dream of helping the homeless make a wonderful home.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nigeria other people in the world at large expresses how frustrating they have to their live their marital, business and social life in 2020, but regardless of this, a strongly held dream become a goal and when it reaches a goal level, it become a hard die thing.

Biggest Goals & Dreams For Most People In Nigeria 2020” educates you on the similarities people have in Nigeria as their dream and goal and this can be met if one works thoroughly towards it.

I believe this article has enriched your thinking and, dream and goals are running through your head right now.

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