Benefits of saving Account With HDFC Bank

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I believe you all know some of the joy attached to keeping your money in a financial institution for future purpose. I could remember when I was in junior school at my tender age, I had to give a false testimony to get a savings account. Hey, don’t ever try that because I am still suffering from it till today.

InShot 20201022 173821899 copy 240x320 - Benefits of saving Account With HDFC Bank

Alright, I believe you already have an insight about HDFC bank, a limited bank sector in India with over 1million employees according to their 2019 statistics.

Before we proceed to the rewards of you saving Account with HDFC Bank, it just so right to ask “Why do you save money“? You save money to keep them safe for future purpose or for a stipulated period of time right? Good.

One wish to embark on saving his resource must take proper measure to ensure he doesn’t lose his savings/invest. Here, we shall take a good look at some reasons why you need to save with HDFC Bank.

Benefits of saving with HDFC Bank

Here is a list of some of the reasons why I think saving with HDFC is of a great benefit.

Easy To Make Transactions

One thing which has been made available by HDFC is for their customers to make quick and easy transactions either as a retail banking or whole banking.
Everyone who banks with them can use their account to receive and send payments at their own conveniences. This can be done through the use of netbanking, or through the use of your Debit or ATM card.
With this beneficial feature, the dependency on cash for all transactions is cut down especially when it comes to the payment of bills and other utilities.

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Making Payment of Bills

Perhaps you may have not encountered a situation whereby you need to make payment for bills on the desk and you got rejected by your banking. I know for sure you will be really pissed especially if it happens to be something urgent. But with the case of HDFC Bank in India, it is quite different as they enable account holders to make so many payments for utilities such as water, electricity, TV subscription, phone recharges directly from your account.

All these and many more are the things you can do with the bank as they offer this benefiting saving bank to their customers.

Provision of ATM facility

With this bank, most Indians are no longer stuck with the feeling of not been able to withdraw their cash. Whenever you need to withdraw your savings from account, you can easily do that via an ATM – automated teller machine for those who are new to the word.

Most banks now have their own ATM branches spread all over the country. But in case you cannot find one in your vicinity, and the need for cash is too pressing, then you can access your account from another bank’s ATM as well. All you may need is just your ATM/debit card.

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NetBanking and MobileBanking

One thing you need to know about HDFC is that they will surely provide you with netbanking facilities just with your savings account as earlier stated. This makes it very easy to conduct transactions and you can also send and receive payments by logging in to your account online.

Also, you can get their App on your phone and use mobile banking to make your naming experience a wonderful one just as you so deserve it anywhere. The mobilebanking App service also provide you the needed facilities to interact with your bank executives for any tangible queries, without having to travel to the available nearest Bank branch.

Debit Card usage

Bank’s like HDFC provides Savings Account holders with ATM Card which is not just for accessing the account through the ATM, but for them (Accouny holder’s) to also make payments, whether at the merchant’s store, or through an online payment gateway.

Savings interest rates

I know you wouldn’t want your money to decrease rather than to increase the amount you have in your bank account. This is sure one of the benefits of saving Account with HDFC qd they do not only protect your money till the needed time, but also ensure your funds get higher through their interest rate.

Cross Product benefits

Some banks offer their Savings Account holders cross product benefits. This means that if you already have a Savings Account with the bank, then you will obtain tangible benefits and other offers in case you decide to open another account with the same bank or want to avail of any of their other products.

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E.g. HDFC Bank waives off the first-year maintenance fee for a first time Demat Account applicant, if they already have a Savings Account with the bank.

With HDFC Bank InstaAccount/quickaccount, you can open a Savings Account instantly in a few simple steps. It comes pre-enabled with HDFC Bank NetBanking & MobileBanking and you can enjoy an amazing Cardless Cash withdrawals.

Note: The information provided here in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. This is not the official Homepage of HDFC Bank, you can click here to locate the Bank homepage.


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