Bank of Tron Review– Best Smart Contract (Is it legit or scam?)

Bank of Tron Review– Best Smart Contract (Is it legit or scam?)

Bank of Tron Review– Best Smart Contract (Is it legit or scam?)

Bank of Tron Review seems to be the Best Smart Contract. Find out if is It legit or scam?

Recently I came across Bank of Tron on Facebook and I was wondering if it is associated with TRON and my guess was actually correct. Bank of tron seem to be the new smart contract of TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency.

Before now, I wrote a review about a new income program known as Nethermix and I don’t know if you have seen them mislead the society by not paying those who have invested in it. If you find them suspicious, do let us know so as to mark them fraud.

Disclaimer: Topgistextra is not been paid to write a review about Bank of From nor is he trying to tarnish the image of this great company.

I am only writing a general review of what the platform seems like so as to guide those who may have interest in investing of what their platform is and may not be.

Note: Most information here are all sourced online.

Now, move to the business of the day as I have been receiving and seeing people asking some questions about From cryptocurrency. Some of these questions are;

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Is Tron better than Ethereum?

What is From TRX use for?

Is Tron based on Ethereum

Should I invest in Tron?

All these questions are very vital and I will sum it up in two or three lines just to save us time. Alright?

Is Tron better Ethereum?

First, Ethereum has gone far with over 2.2 billion issued on the ERC20 standard and has more weight in tether USDT though Tron has been gathering USDT too but has only about 800+ million tethers the network.

And as concerning what Tron is used for, Tron is a decentralized content sharing and entertainment platform that uses blockchain and peer to peer technology. You can picture it as a next generation social media outlet.

Tron in 2018 was linked to Ethereum but has become an independent cryptocurrency. In fact, it is among the top 10 crypto coins in the market today making it possible to invest in it if anyone wishes to.

About Bank of Tron – Overview of

Tron Bank runs automatically on the blockchain and its smart contract is uploaded to the Tron blockchain.

No one is able to edit or delete the smart contract, nor influence its autonomous operation.

The dividends are also automatically paid through the smart contract”.

The above statement can be found on the down Homepage of the site been reviewed,

Domain information | whois

A big thanks to lookup as they provided the information about Bank of tron. Check it out.


Registry Domain ID:


Domain Status:


Registry Expiration: 2021-04-05
Created: 2019-04-05

From the above, the domain was created on the 5th April, 2019. This means that the domain is old because it is over 3 months since its creation.

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Bank of Tron Review– Best Smart Contract (Is it legit or scam?)

Bank of tron is one of the smart contract uploaded to the tron blockchain. At the upload to the blockchain network, this means no one we be able to edit or delete the smart contract.

So, ensures that contract are met between investors and the network. In Bank of Tron, everyone has the chance of investing with three available plans.

In summary, Bank of tron user’s will enjoy Safe and reliable project, Dividend distribute and referral program.

Bank of tron investment plans

Below are bank of tron investment plans.

  • Diamond Plan
    [ Daily ROI ] 25% life
  • Platinum Plan
    [ Daily ROI ] 4.7% 45days
  • Gold Plan
    [ Daily ROI ] 5.7% 25days. Registration | Getting Tron wallet

Registering on bank of tron so as to start making investment is similar to the way Dapps method. This entails you installing tron wallet and have access to the Dapps so as to become a registered member who is ready for invest. registration isn’t hard. Just follow the steps below to register and make your invest if you wish to.

Steps to open Tron Dwallet App and Register

To open tron Dwallet App, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Install Tronwallet from play store.
  • Open the app and accept or decline their privacy policy after you must have read it.
  • If you are accept their terms and conditions, then you can hit the continue button.
  • At the secret phrase, write it down
  • Verify it by selecting it accordingly.
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Once you do all those, you have successfully opened a Tron Dwallet App and ready to invest.

How to invest in Bank-of-tron after creating tron Dwallet account

Alright, once you have opened your tron Dwallet account, you are off to making an investment if you choose to.

Steps involved in investing in after creating the account.

  • The first thing is to get your tron Dwallet account funded with tron.
  • After you must have funded your account, you will see a ball like sign (browser)
  • You will be asked to enter URL
  • Enter this URL there (I may enjoy referral commission if you use the link below)
  • Proceed and you will be taken to where you can make invest as you choose the best plan that suits you.

We are coming to an end of this article. Meanwhile someone like you before writing of this article had asked is “Bank of tron legit or scam” and I actually see it a very sensitive question.

Is legit or scam

We have seen many smart contracts ranging from Ethereum forsage, ethereum autoboether and currently lionshare as I show this trending.

So, Bank of tron is actually one of those kind. And from the look of things, they seems to be paying as a friend of mine already withdrawn. The screenshot below clarifies my statement.

Is legit or scam

And this is the fund on bank of tron portal before the withdrawal.

How to invest in Bank-of-tron after creating tron Dwallet account

User’s Review

Please, kindly write useful comments by including proofs.

This will help us identify a scam site more and save us time.

Thanks for checking out. Do feel free to drop remarks.

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