Applying Technology To Fight Loneliness Epidemic

One would ask if it is possible to combat loneliness using technology  or whats the level between loneliness fight and Technology? Well, you get to know all these in this my review.

I believe loneliness has never been like the one we experienced early 2020 till September following the lockdown of almost all the countries of the world as a result of Covid-19 pandemic which was a big problem.

Applying Technology To Fight Loneliness Epidemic

A must applaud technology, a big thanks to science and technology for the company that have shown on peoples life before and during covid-19 especially on the lives of the elderly people/retirees.

Looking at the subject matter technology – is the application of scientific discoveries to solve human practical problem. Science and technology are two common things but shouldn’t be mistaken or misplaced for another. Whereas science is more like a discovery, technology is more like application of that discovery.

For technology to come to existence, then science must come to first position and for science to actualize it true purpose, it must welcome technology.

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Wouldn’t be so nice discussing technology forsaken loneliness because it is also like our subject matter.

What is loneliness? Loneliness is a subjective experience. If you ever feel you are lonely then you are. Loneliness is also a mental health imbalance which has features such as continuous depression, mood, or loss of interestedness in activities which causes significant impairment in ones daily life.

How to know a lonely person? To know lonely person, the individual will have some of this effects or similar effects such as emptiness, alone and feeling of unwanted.

Anyone can be lonely. You can be healthy and be lonely, you can be In a good relationship and still be lonely. In fact, you can have plenty money and travel round the world and still be feel empty inside of you.

What causes loneliness? Loneliness is caused mostly by internal factor and a typical example is “low self esteem”. Low self esteem is the feeling one have for his or herself. This simply Mean how the individual sees his or her self (Self judgemental placement).

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Ever since the beginning of covid-19, we feel lonely than ever and here are ways technology can help fight loneliness feeling.

Ways to fight loneliness through Technology

By making it easy to connect  to family, friends, and the digital world at large.

ElliQ helps even the least tech-savvy older adults keep close with loved ones, and stay immersed in the world around them.

Using Robotics

Before the era of covid-19, many people were already lonely especially retirees. The pandemic forced countries to close close her country and her bounders and as a result, Increased loneliness.

You will agree with me that science has been trying so hard to make animators and other robotics products of science that can assist human at home, industry, schools and the world generally.

You could just imagine how lonely it has been when you can travel to another country compared to when you are not able to make a move. This is to say that people’s lonely life has increased drastically as a result of the unplanned pandemic.

It is now therefore possible to reimagine robotics compassionate not typical as a replacements for humans but as a good solutions for improving the psycho personality and well being of many people especially elders experiencing a way prolonged isolation.

Intuition robotics

Have you heard of intuition robotics? Intuition robotics is an Israeli startup that are in line with utilizing A1 to make a good designed personalized compassionate (companion) technologies for elderly people which also offers an interesting case study.

The company, intuition robotics has made, ELLIQ is home digital companion for elderly people that helps in responding to questions, intimacy calls, appointments making, offer entertainment and also analyses the user’s environment.

This company helps to make it easy for those in late stage of life feel comfort by making intelligent and responsive robotics that can assist them with remembering schedules, suggestions and many other programmed things.

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Have you heard of PARO? PARO, a therapeutic robot which is developed by one Japanese company AIST.

PARO happens to be an FDA-certified biofeedback device in a form of a baby seal which is Commonly used for patients with dementia-related symptoms, sensors enable the robot to perceive the user’s social world, sense that it is being petted, and also able to recognize voices and words.

As innovation in AI continues, personal robots will surely become increasingly sophisticated and also personalized thereby adopting traits and habits to meet some specific needs and personality of the user


Many people say they are lonely or they feel lonely. When they say this, it most likely to mean they do not have people to confide in. This is a sentiment felt by one in four Americans.

Chatbots has had in big sureg in Usage during the pandemic. They offer various improved ways to provide that needed conversation partner. If you are feel or need someone to talk to tirelessly, then you may just have to think of getting a chatbot today.


Have you heard of woebot? Woebot is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-based chatbot app which was developed by Stanford University research psychologist Alison Darcy.

The App is designed in such a way it specializes in Monitoring and analyzing users’ moods during chats, the app also helps users learn about themselves.

What is the goal of chatbot? The goal of chatbots seems to be Empowering users to take charge of their emotional well-being.


Have you heard of Replika? Replika aids users to create their personal digital companion, which is capable of “learning” through text conversations.

AI algorithms and neural networks equip the companion to hold conversation, expressive, empathetic.

Now, as more organizations invest in chatbots probably for variety of functions–including customer service–further progress in AI technology will only increase the improve of these artificial “conversationalists.”


For the most tech savvy, finding constructive digital environment can be challenging–but creative, expert-driven ingenuity is now opening numerous new possibilities.

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Have you heard of 7Chairs? 7chairs provides text- and video-based, long-term emotional support groups facilitated by marriage, psychologist and family therapists, clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors for those people facing chronic and acute illnesses, anxiety, loneliness, grief, depression, and other emotional and mental health conditions.

The Demand for such intimate connections has catapulted during COVID lockdowns. Take a good look at QuarantineChat, founded as a free service to easily connect people who don’t know each other via mobile phone call, according to report has been downloaded by over 15,000 people from 183 countries since the month of March.

As the pandemic continues to inspires more people in technology to see the value in virtual community, such new, beneficial forms of gathering and support will certainly increase in number in no distance time.


Have you heard of Alcove? Alcove happens to be a virtual living room curated by the AARP Innovation Labs with intention to bring intergenerational and international families together to play various games, watch numerous videos, and forge memories.

Adults that are way older and fighting loneliness may also appreciate Rendever –a VR platform that works in utilizing neuroscience to offer lot of activities for cognitive stimulation, socialization, and therapy, even assisting various users to recreate meaningful memories.

With investments in AR and VR predicted to soar over the coming years, this developing bend in reality will definitely begin playing more of a real big part in our quest for companionship, compassionate and community.


Those few attuned to newfangled technology can also be beneficial from anti-loneliness tech.


Have you heard of KOMP? KOMP is a screen that are senior digitally native children and also grandchildren can use to share memorable photos, send messages, and make wonderful video calls.

The end user need only to use one button to keep things simple. No Isolation, the company which is behind the product, is reportedly to have sold over 1,800 KOMP units in March and April (2020), compared to 650 in the entirety the previous year.

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