15 Selected ICT Skills To Learn In Nigeria

ICT Skills To Learn In Nigeria | ICT Skills | ICT Skills To Learn

ICT skills are part of the skills needed in order to succeed in the society. Before now, computers were not as rampant as it is. In fact, one will easily admit that information technology (I.T) has gone really far in the last 15 years.

15 Selected ICT Skills To Learn In Nigeria

ICT gadgets such as computers as well as laptops, wireless laptops, Personal computers including web scanners, CD burners,digital video cameras, PDAs, DVD players, USB Drives and lot more are now been used in the education and industrial sector.

To educate you in school, you will see some of your teachers using video conferencing, E-mail and also Group chat messages either on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or through a specially built Application software just to achieve their aim and also lessen cost of teaching and reduction of stress.

Also, most companies in this modern day society do not employ workers who has no fundamental IT knowledge. That’s why you see some students who recently finished their school program or about to finish their years program telling you they are doing their I.T. I.T is an acronym for information Technology.

The society must admit the need for ICT skills because as more advanced computers are built, more technological discoveries, members in the society especially those working in an office must strive to acquire the needed ICT knowledge to be effective in their profession.

Here are our carefully 15 selected ICT skills to learn which will further your understanding and also aid you in your profession.

ICT Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Word processing skills

Workers, educators and students should be able to have Knowledge on how to do written task effectively. I am glad to have began using phone in my 9th year after birth and since then, I have been doing well with typing of documents either on computer, laptop or on phone.

It is my pleasure to inform you that this typed work you are seeing right now, was done with a Tecno mobile phone (ICT Skills)

Maybe you wish to improve your typing skills, you can follow up these tutorials I saw online because they are really helpful in learning word processing skills. See the links below.

This is a site with a number of word processing tutorials, and also a portal for a number of other awesome tutorials.

  • 2Learn.ca Education Society: word
    Processing Teacher Tools

This link offers Word processing tutorials for Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and AppleWorks.

Communication skills.

Communication skills are those abilities which you use in communicating information. You can use it to send information and also, you can receive information too.

It is very essential to have a good communication skills because without it, an employee may lose his or her job due to inefficiency and also, bad communication is considered as bad manner.

Maybe you wish to improve your communication skills, you can buy some effective communication books at a book store or you read up online because they are really helpful in learning communication skills.

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Database skills

Educators including students should be able to make use of some type of database program to create tables, store information, retrieve data, and query data.

In this modernized society, some java phones like symbian x63 phone has some Database installed on it as a software. I could remember how I used the phone to create different tables which I used in storing relevant company’s documents.

Maybe you wish to improve your database skills, you can follow up these tutorials I saw online because they are really helpful in Database skills. See the links below.

The Database tutorial above is from the University of Alberta.

  • Black Hills State University: Technology for
    Teachers Databases

A listing of Web sites for database tutorials,
help and related information focused on database.

Problem solving skills

One major reason most companies looks into ones portfolio before employment is to check if such an employee can provide solution to most problems they encounters in their industries.

Studying a problem course like sociology, economic or communication may just be to your advantage. ICT provides solution to numerous problem. There are lot of things which the computer can do in just a minute which will take humans hours or days before accomplishment.

In the university, courses like introduction to information and communications technology offers basic ICT knowledge which can be used in solving problems at home, offices, schools, industries or factories.

Maybe you wish to improve your problem solving skills, you can buy some critical thinking books at a book store or read up on online because they are really helpful in problem solving skills.

Electronic presentation skills

Electronic presentation involves the act of creating and presenting information in form of visual display.

I believe you own a TV and you do watch it whenever you tune it one. Those pictures and digital works you see on television has element of electronic presentations.

Electronic presentation created with the use of software such as Corel draw, freelancing, PowerPoint and Photoshop art are best for creating information for businesses and audience.

Having an electronic skills will enable students, teachers, firms and professional personnel to create an attractive projects, presentations, drafts and business plans which would increase the sales capacity.

Maybe you have little Knowledge about presentation skills, you can learn by going for desktop packaging training in a nearby cyber cafe.

Meanwhile, I have sort out a very good PDF file that will help you get started in learning Electronic presentation skills. Click here to visit Google and Get the PDF

Also, see the following websites below for free online tutorials and training on Electronic presentation skills.

Dash General Assembly
Harvard Online Learning
Khan Academy
MIT OpenCourseWare

Leadership Skills

One may think that leadership is unlike an ICT skills, but considering what an ICT is –information and communications technology then you will accept leadership skills to be something worth teaching in I.T programs.

Leadership entails the ability to lead people, direct and effectively communicate with people either direct or indirect ways.

With the help of ICT, we have come to understand that work shared is attended to more effectively than crossing ones area of specialization.

Having leadership skills while applying for jobs position such as manager, Director will give an employee higher chances of being accepted especially when the individual includes it in his or her skill curriculum vitae.

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Maybe you wish to improve your leadership skills, you can buy some leadership tips, critical thinking books at a book store or read up on online because they are really helpful in leadership skills.

Website Design Skills

As far as technology is involved, almost everything we do is now on web. To buy recharge card, pay tariffs, registration fee and many others are done online. This is possible as a result of web skills techniques employed by a web designer to make web for a specific purpose.

Website design is an act of designing and beautifying, coding and developing a website to serve a specific purpose. In website design you can acquire skills such as JAVA Script knowledge, FORTRAN, HTML, CSS, PHP and many more.

Business owners, Educators, students and individual who has services and products they render online should be able to design, create, and maintain a Web page/site.

Maybe you wish to improve your Website design skills, you can follow up these tutorials I saw online because they are really helpful in website Designing. See the link below.

Teacher Web site creation – interactive from

Maybe you are in Nigeria and you want to learn website design From the scratch, you can contact Mr. Soliu whom I met online and had designed numerous web page for me and my businesses.

knowledge of Operating System (O.S)

The operating system is considered the master programmer (software) that manages, controls, organizes the resources of a computer.

This is to say without the operating system, the computer Is useless. Having the knowledge of O.S will enable students, educators and computer uses know how to install software to their system to get it functioning.

Although there are so many system software (MacOS, Windows,
Linux, UNIX etc), but having basic knowledge about one is a very good ICT skills to learn in this summer.

Maybe you wish to improve your knowledge/skill on operating system, you can buy some basic tips on managing and maintaining operating system at a book store or read up on online by searching for something relating to operating system.

E-mail marketing skills

Educators, students and E-mail user’s should be able to create send and receive attachment folders either for personal use or for an organization.

E-mail marketing is not just an ICT skills to learn in Nigeria, but a very flexible skills that fetches income.

When you have e-mail marketing skills, sending of documents and receiving of files from other E-mail platform like yahoo, Gmail, Ask and many others become so easy.

Maybe you wish to improve your E-mail marketing skills, you can buy some basic tips on e-mail marketing at a book store or read up on online by searching for something relating to E-mail marketing. You can also learn ICT e-mail Marketing skills online by following any of these links below

E-mail tutorials from Learn the Net.com

Digital Cameras Skills

Digital Cameras are visual electronic equipments which can be used for short video recording and picture taking.

Students, educators, business organization and non governmental organization (NGO) should be able make use of digital cameras and have basic knowledge on visual imagery.

There are lot of Digital camera professionals in Nigeria which you can learn this ICT skills from at a cost of little penny.

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Meanwhile, you can also learn things about digital cameras online through the following links Provided below

How Digital Cameras Work by How Stuff


Troubleshooting is something which computers must encounter. Troubleshooting knowledge is good even if you are running on your personal computer.

Many do not actually know that some of the minor issues developed by their computers can be rectified easier by the owner without having to spend a penny for it.

Troubleshooting skills is required especially when computer develops fault, software crashes, booting difficulty and to resolve this, watching YouTube videos is mostly recommended.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the act of creating, editing, designing and perfecting an art. To make a good graphic design software such as Corel draw, Photoshop and other Graphic design tools.

Educators, teachers and business organization runners should have a graphic design who has Graphic knowledge so as to make flyers, banners, business and many other promotional tools to promote the organization.

Lecturers can use Graphics to teach student and student can use this same graphics for project presentations and other presentations that may involve the use of graphics for illustration.

To learn Graphic design, you can meet some professional Graphic designers in Nigeria and start learning the skills as soon as possible.

Also, you can learn Graphic design online by searching on google e.g Learn professional Graphic designs online

Project management

Educators and students should be able to have a skill based on project management. The project management may include project creation, editing and arranging properly using an ICT gadgets such as laptops, computer and many more.

To learn Project management skills, you can meet some professional Project management personnel in Nigeria and start learning the skills as soon as possible.

Office suite skills

organization and its personnel should be able to have office suite skills. These office package include Microsoft office, Excel, m.s Dos and many more.

Typing skills

Typing skills is needed in almost all sectors of life in education, firm, organization, companies and many other places.

Having an ICT skills such as typing will enable the individual to type faster and effectively.

Although typing skills falls under office suite but it is needed separately.

To learn how to type, you can visit some cyber cafe in Nigeria as most of them offers the training under desktop package.


Learning ICT skills may not be difficult as you think especially when it is just the basic aspect of it. Nigeria is an underdeveloped country and as such, Skills like ICT and entrepreneur knowledge must be taken into serious consideration as it will aid today and Nigeria tomorrow.

If you take your time to learn ICT skills in Nigeria, you don’t need to have a diploma in computer science before you can see job opportunity as most student in universities are now employed not just what they studied but what they can deliver.

I hope this material is a resourceful one and has provided answer to your seeking. You can drop a comment below as contribution.

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