10 Reasons To Study A Sociology Degree In Nigeria


10 Reasons To Study A Sociology Degree In Nigeria | What is sociology | Impact of studying sociology | Is sociology a science | Study sociology in Nigeria today.

Sociology is the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships specifically: the systematic study of the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings.


Simply put, it is a science that focuses on the study of Man’s society and man’s behaviour. It is a wonderful subject that covers almost all aspects of modern life on the planet earth.

But you may be asking yourself, “Why should I study a Sociology degree?”. Here are reasons why you should study sociology in Nigeria consider it. Meanwhile, I wrote on Reasons why student fail exam in modern days. Check it out below.

10 reasons to study a Sociology degree in Nigeria.

Sociology skills is transferable

University is certainly about a lot of things. The next question after graduating probably from any university in Nigeria is “When are you getting employed?”.

Sociology is a typical course that will make you feel ease after graduating from the university. This is because, with the divers skills and knowledge gotten from the study of sociology as a course, getting job become something of less worry.

Sociology as a course teaches sociological students topics as crime, culture, media, politics and identity which is what most industry in today’s society seeks for.

Different point of view.

It is important for you to study sociology because study of sociology will enable you to see things from different perspective.

University is not all about going and coming out to pick up a job and start earning salary. Now, sociology as a course is that science oriented course that will widen your knowledge on divers things such as crime, culture, personality, mind, society and many other aspects of life.

Sociology students are known to be the argumentative type because they are ever ready to correct wrong statement and claims. Due to knowledge they have gotten from different dimensions, they are able to detect wrong statements and claims.

Tendency to Adapt to things.

One of the importance of sociology in everyday life is because from varied experiences to varied topics of study is just the magic of this course.

The study of sociology makes it possible for those with the knowledge to adapt to situations with ease.

In Ebonyi state university, EBSU, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state where I study sociology and anthropology as a major, I am offered the opportunity to study criminology so as to fight crime and violence in my society. This is not the end as I am equipped with political science topics and law courses to be able to analyze politics and know my right respectively.

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All these are possible due to the relationship between sociology and criminology, sociology and political science, sociology and psychology as well as Economics and other social science related courses in our society.

Sociology is prune to changes.

According to the founding fathers of sociology such as August Comte and the likes of Emile Durkheim, sociology is structured from the onset to change along with the society. It is not a static course.

As far as sociology is concerned, it moves along with the nature of its main focus which is the society. The society can not be in level 8 while sociology will be in level 6. They both move along as far as the course is concerned.

August Comte in 1838 coined the term “sociology” and other contributors like Emile Durkheim confirmed that sociology is like a social solidarity and social dynamism.

Ability to make a difference

The biggest reason to study a Sociology degree in Nigeria or anywhere is the ability it grants for you to make a real difference in the society.

What is sociology if not a problem solving course and as that, those who are equipped with the course knowledge are considered as problem solvers as well.

With the training of sociology, we believe our society can become better if people with sociological knowledge are employed in the government positions and various industries in our community.

Numerous Marketable Skills.

The kind of skills acquired by a sociologist is the type that is hardly found outside any other field of study.

The ability to market products and services seems so easy for one with sociological knowledge, because they are trained with communication skills, critical thinking abilities as well as ability to predict things in the society.

Deeper understanding of the social world.

Many people in the world do not understand the fundamental functionality of the world they inhibit, but this is not to a sociologist.

People with fundamental knowledge of what sociology is understands it deeper and clearer than those who has no knowledge of it.(sociological imagination)


The social world include everything that can be found in the world we live along with it functions to mankind.

One who has undergone sociological training and has acquired Knowledge and degree attached to sociology is regarded as a sociologist.

Better understanding of our own life

Understanding ourselves is that one thing that will lead to societal goal and achievements and as a sociologist, you will not only understand the society you live in but also the people living in it and that includes you as a person.

There are at times we experience lot of things and we may mistake something for what it is not, but that’s not for a solution solver like a sociologist.

The knowledge acquired in sociological field of study is something that’s like magic. In fact, sociology as a course is one of the most flexible course all over the world.

This is because with this course, you are a sociopolitical person along other social science and science areas of life.

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Orientation of social Justice

Due to the diversity of this course, you are enlightened about social justice against abuses and insults in the society. One who had studied crime, law and rights will surely know what it means to have justice over an unjust issues.

One of the reasons to study a Sociology degree in Nigeria is because it orient individual about human rights, rule of law and equality of law.

It allows you to be an educator.

Lot of people seeking for orientations before taking sociology of education as a course in the university often asks “Why do we study sociology of Education?”. And the answer is not far fetched.

With Sociology of Education, you will become an educator, one who makes impact to the community for studying sociology.

Just as there is economic education, accounting education department etc. So is sociology and this is due to it flexibility for easy diversion.

Having looked into some of the 10 reasons to study a sociology degree in Nigeria, it will also be nice to look into some questions asked by people who are curious of what sociology is all about, impact of studying sociology, and is sociology a science.

What is sociology | meaning of sociology

Sociology is from two Greek words ” socio” meaning society and “logos” meaning study. In other word, sociology is the study of society.

Formerly, I had earlier given a professional definition of what sociology is – science of society, social institutions, and social relationships specifically: the systematic study of the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings.

Impact of studying sociology

The contribution of sociology to mankind and the society is so numerous that we can not just count. Some sociologist believe every good thing that has happened to planet earth is sociological.

Some of the impacts of studying sociology are;

Improved way of living

It is important to study sociology because its knowledge helps the manner live in the society. Sociology teaches us to love our neighbours as ourselves.

The course also enlightens the citizen of a country or community the need for mutual understanding and commensality amongst members of a family/society.

Opened Door for job opportunity

If you look deep into the history of sociology, you will understand that it is one of the oldest course in the history of man.

When God created the world, he made the earth (society) and man (human) and these two things are the focal focus of sociology.

Ever since the inscription of this course, lot of jobs as emerged into the society which stand as employment opportunity for those who had acquired the needed knowledge to run it professionalism.

Improved Family and societal understanding.

One of the sweetest thing in studying sociology is that it makes the person an understanding individual. There can not be a problem in a family where the both couple are people equipped with sociological teachings. It is rare to find a sociology family that fights.

In sociology of family, the individual or groups are enlightened with different dimension and measures which are structured to maintain peace and orderliness in the family.

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Reduction of crime, Corruption and vandalism.

Because sociology is a peace loving course, people are educated on the consequences of committing crime.

The employment of sociology personnel in government and other public services has not doubt reduced corruption and of a truth, vandalism Is no longer as it was during the former era.

Those who destroys properties are brought to book and are been punished and as a result, has reduced crime, corruption and vandalism in our society especially in Nigeria.

Development and country’s Growth

Developing country’s and under-developed country must seek the presence of sociology to meet with the real target.

Because sociology is not a static discipline, country’s and company’s wanting to develop must seek for the service of sociology. This is because they have well planned plans in elevating a country status.

There are some courses in the society that ate centred only on self improvement and development, but that’s not the care of sociology.

Meanwhile, let’s quickly look at the last question before we close the door for this discussion. Alright?

Is sociology a science? | Scientific Area of sociology

The question whether sociology is a science or not has been a debate topic to the social science faculty and science faculty. Sociology is a science discipline because it uses scientific method in solving solution in the society.

Science is believed to be experimentation, observation, empirical and predictive in nature. The mentioned are what sociologist employs in deducing solution to an available problem.

There are still many people who are of subjective to sociology being scientific in nature, but we can not ignore the fact that sociology has the nature of science and as such, it will be fair to say “sociology is a science and also an art“.


Sociology in today’s society is something to embrace and I am believing most universities and centres in Africa especially Nigeria can adopt sociology as a compulsory course for all departments in the tertiary institutions.

Sociology has really contributed a lot to the growth and development of man and his society and as such, it is something we should be proud to study as a course in the university.

Although sociology course may not be like Engineering courses, law and medicine which has high societal value, but I believe it is in the same level with the top major courses in today’s society.

I laid emphasis on reasons to study a Sociology degree in Nigeria of which I listed and elucidated just so you can understand it clearly. Also, I went far to defining what sociology is, the impact of studying sociology and also answered the question ” is sociology a science?”.

I wish to drop my writing gadgets here for you to ponder more on what you have just read. I am also believing you have seen numerous reasons to study a sociology degree in Nigeria today without hesitation.

God bless you as you maintain social distance in this covid-19 pandemic. I hope to seeing you in my next article.

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