10 Reasons Nigerian students should abstain from cultism

10 Reasons Nigerian students should abstain from cultism.

10 Reasons Nigerian students should abstain from cultism.

Reasons Nigerian students should abstain from cultism | Causes of cultism in Nigerian schools | Solutions to Cultism in Nigeria

Nigerian students are considered among the best globally and this is because of the level of education they attain, but students must stay away from cultism and other form of related practices in other to maintain this praises of them being among the best in Africa and also dominating internationally.

The origin of cultism in Nigeria can be traced to the so called Seadog confraternity Group which is said to have been founded by Wole Soyinka, a famous Nigerian poet and six others at the university of Ibadan in 1952.

Although the initial purpose for the creation of the first cultism in Nigeria known as National Association of seadogs was for social-cultural reason. You can check out some reasons why students fail Exam in modern days

Nevertheless, cultism in Nigeria and general has cause lot of damages than it’s benefit to the society. Here are the reasons why Nigerian students should stay away from cultism.

10 Reasons Nigerian students should abstain from cultism.

Disappointment and wasted years.

Before you dream of joining cultism, you should also go to bed and dream of your future. There has been countless number of events which points cultism to result in disappointment at the end of a persons life.

One should have it at his or her mind that one of the consequences of cultism is that it can lead to disappointment and even wasted years in school.

Students in primary school, secondary schools and tertiary institutions should try to remember where they are coming from, how their parents and guardians are suffering just to make sure they have quality education.

Restriction of absolute Freedom to movement.

Among the effects of cultism is that it will make you not to have freedom of movement like ordinary members in the society.

Cultism is usually of different groups and as such, there is prune to be clashes Between one group and another either within or outside. A member of a cult may find it difficult to move around when there is fight between their group and other type of cultism..

Although cultism Main purpose was for social and cultural reasons, but the motive in the society has diverted to rivalry and clashes. Can you just imagine a life which do jot allow you to move the way you so desire?. They why should you join cultism?.

Maltreatment and manslaughter.

Cultism often result into lot of danger which include maltreatment and manslaughter. The maltreatment could be in the life of one who belongs to a cult group and could also be from the family of one who belong to a cult.

There is no two ways about it since one reason why student join cultism is for power and protection. Now, once they belong, it is either they are dominating their friends, family or other groups.

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Since the inception of cultism in Nigeria way back in 1952, statistics has shown that cultism has done more harm, damage and destruction than the good it has provided to Nigerians especially in the life of students.

Not just maltreatment, but also manslaughter. Cultism often causes conflict with the group and outside thereby putting the life of all members of the group at stake. You should always know that once war starts, both those who caused it and the innocent have to face it.

Disobedience to School authority

It is against the school rules and regulation to establish or join cultism. Institutions like Yaba college of technology, UNILAG, EBSU, IMSU, LASU and many other tertiary established usually display a board at the entrance of their school and within the school compound showing that they do not support cultism.

Disobeying a school authority can cause one the privilege of being a student and in Nigeria, once a student is suspended from university either because of Examination malpractice or as a result of bad conduct, the individual is likely to Stay home for some years before returning to school or may be expelled (No returning)


once a student has become a cultist, he will have no time to study nor the families. if he is fully devoted to his studies before as time’s goes on there would restrictions from the cult leader’s and there’s no choosing of opinions there, they are to choose opinions for their members which will make them mute and obedient to their rules.

if they allow choosing of opinion for the beginner’s one thing you always remember is that; not all days are Christmas celebrated so one day there won’t be that freedom again. so you should know that you can’t be a cultist and have no distraction, you will definitely be.

Low academic performances

This will result into low performance in studying and examination, just like being distracted. There won’t be enough time for studies again you’ll have to be mute and obey their commands.

You can check out some of the causes of exam fail in most Nigerian schools below

if you are to be reading your books, you’ll found yourself in some meetings of campaigns with other opponent’s and so on.

These are really obstacles to your studying. and you will have to miss some tests or exams while they assure you that you will make your exams, now what if they didn’t make it as they’ve promised you? then you alone will have to face the consequences of cultism. so, this is also another bad result of being a cultist.

The individual will be restless

Sequence to low academic performance, yes now you won’t be that free person you use to be cause you will have to be remote all around like a robot, not even having your own self respect and dignity.

All you do is to obey some commander which you can’t tell either at light or dark not even considering the dangers a head.

It’s really a no restless group cause you can’t tell what will happen the next seconds, many reports have been made about how some cultist are either found dead at night and day time due to fighting other opponent’s, campaigns or stealing and this has caused serious pains for the deceased families and loved ones.

Promotion of bad conduct

It is said that one beans spoil the rest, from your own bad conduct you get promoted with more bad ones you see.

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cultist’s as we all know do have their own languages, you find yourself using words that are different from the previous words that you speak.

Your behaviour towards your friends will just change once you become one of them. bad words, bad friends, bad appearance and so on. and this will have effect on the families and friend’s.

Increase of Crime and Death rate

when all these bad conduct have become part of these students they won’t find it hard to steal, cheat, rape and do all sorts of evil works which leads to killings.

Some of the political parties who hired some people for campaigns give way for the cultists to show their evil works. No doubt this has caused some people to be scared of going to voting pool cultists problems.

unfortunately for some of these cultist’s they have killed their families or loved ones in obeying all commands of their leaders. it cause so much pains to the whole state or even a country if there are serious cases from these cultist’s members.

To learn about courses that reduces crime and violence in the society then embrace sociology.

Unhappy life in the society

The problem of cultism is so big that you may not partake in it activities and be happy in the society. Imagine a life whereby you are chased daily, suspected, restricted and everyone seems to be avoiding you. Is that a Happy life?

Belonging to a cult group seems to be a big boy thing to some people until they eventually joins it and begin to see despicable things they may have not dreamt of in their entire life. See some of the causes of cultism below.

Causes of cultism in Nigerian schools ( Top 5 causes)

Keeping bad peers

One of the thing that often result into joining cultism is due to influence. This is because we are likely to be influenced by the behaviour of those we follow, talk to, or do things with daily.

Friends can cause lot of things to someone especially when one is not careful with the peers he or she decides to move it.

It is so bad to stay in a school or in the society as a whole without people whom we can chat with or lean on to in time of problem.

Nevertheless, it is a wise choice to select our friends in other not to fall into problems of cultism which I had stated earlier. If you are a church goer, try to mingle with people that does that too. If reading book is your hobby, don’t follow friends that love going to parties.

Attending parties and unneeded events.

Are you In school to attend parties or events? That’s one of the questions which you should always ask yourself. Attending school classes and attending school parties are two different thing.

Yeah, I know it is school party, I know it is school event, but is it mandatory to attend all the time?

Statistics in Nigeria educational institutions has shown that most students who are cultist became initiated on the day of school party or school related events.

Family background

We know family to be like a God congregation. The family are the first set of people a person who is born into this world starts to mingle with.

The role and manner of upbringing of a child usually place a huge part in the life of that individual, but he who wants to wise must learn certain things personally.

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I believe no matter the family one comes from, he or she can succeed if the determination and focus is unquenched. Nevertheless, parents and guardians should endeavour to check on their child while in school. If possible, an agent to monitor the activities of the child may be needed.


Things of life may just be one of the causes of cultism in Nigeria specifically. Hardship and suffering often make innocent people get lured into cultism.

Though, regardless of what one faces in life, that individual should know that joining cultism is not the best option.

Immoral attitude from early life

Due to the lifestyle of cultists, one can easily and readily say that bad attitudinal behaviour from early state of life of a student can easily cause becoming a cult member.

One who started smoking at age 7, and at the age of 15 sees people smoking, that fella is likely to be easily attracted those people that takes alcohol, smokes and commit all form of immoral acts.

Back up to issues in school

People join cult to have back up when they cause problem in the Society.
Also, People join cult to do bad things when someone hurt them which is a good idea, but the effects of cultism is way too big than what it can offer us.

Solutions to Cultism in modern Society (Nigeria as a case study)

Establishment of law

There should be a law enforced towards correcting nonchalant attitude in the life of students. The law can also be designed in such a way that it punishes students or members in the society who are cultist.

Police and other body of forces should be on standby

Police, soldiers or school police should be placed in all the schools in Nigeria against students or members of the society who may go contrary to the rules and regulations guiding the arena.

This police of body of forces will serve as correction of cultism as it is a brilliant tool to cultism resolution.

Cultism Education.

Cultism Education based topics should be taught in the school to enlighten students and members of the society the dangers, consequences and effects of cultism.
This will make members of the society to be knowledgeable and not being ignorance of the dangers of cultism.

Community law

This is a very good alternative to tackle bad conducts aside from the one provided by the state government of a particular state.

In Nigeria, Izzi in Ebonyi state precisely, a law was made in late 2019 as regard members of a particular community who are within and other that area not to partake in a cult related act.

The law stipulated that members found in such an act will be severely punished, ostracized and banished permanently from that community.


Cultism for a long time now has remained a big issue both in schools and the society generally. Nigeria happens to be a victim of cultism and it has not yielded those who took that part anything good.

This article is a push change article as it is written in such a way that you will see reasons why you need to Stay away from cultism. Not just that, solutions to cultism practices in Nigeria is also provided.

Make a change today by focusing on your studies why in school. Cultist and cultism has nothing good to offer us.


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